10 Eyeshadow Palettes That You Need For the Summer

Bingeing Netflix, making banana bread, tye dying sweats- these are just some of the many ways we have all been attempting to keep ourselves busy during this quarantine. For beauty lovers, our vacation away from normal life has also meant a vacation away from our beloved makeup routines. Just because we may not have anyone to show off our looks to this summer, does not mean we have to torture ourselves with a break from makeup altogether. Playing with eyeshadow palettes can be an entertaining and satisfying pass time. Just because this summer may look a little different than those of the past, doesn’t mean we need to cheap out on our eyeshadow palettes. As they are more of an investment than eyeliner or lipstick, it’s important that you pick your palette with care. Try out these eyeshadow palettes below to give your quarantined summer a new look!

1.Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Mini Eye Shadow Palette

This warm brown and smoky eyeshadow palette can be found at Sephora and other major beauty stores, and it is packed with a selection of nine highly pigmented colors that are perfect for setting a base for your eye look. Although this eyeshadow palette only comes with nine shades, you are still getting a lot. So many of them can be used together to create a dramatic smokey eye, or shimmery look. Having a good quality palette with some neutral staple colors is key for any summer look. 

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2. Morphe 351 Icy Fantasy Artistry Palette

Color, color, and more color! After what feels like the longest gloomiest three and a half months of quarantine ever, you will need some vibrancy in your makeup routine this summer, and what better way to to do that than snagging some new eyeshadow palettes! I personally love this eyeshadow palette because of all the bright and exciting tones that I can use to spunk up my look. If you ever needed an excuse to add some pop of color into your makeup look, here it is!

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3. Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette in Pillow Talk

This eyeshadow palette reminds me of all of the sunshiny, colorful, vibrant things that I love about summer. The shimmery and matte pink and gold hues are perfect for warming up any look. This eyeshadow palette is my go to for creating a casual everyday look. The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eye Palette is perfect for creating a look to feel a little bit better about yourself as you sit inside binging Netflix all day.

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4.Too Faced Born This Way The Natural Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

This is another super pigmented, shimmery eyeshadow palette. Its rich gold tones can be perfect for blending or adding a little extra shimmer or sparkle. The 16 shades are all ideal for creating a naturally sexy look that does not have too much going on. In the summer months especially, it is always better to go with a more natural look so you can perfectly compliment that golden goddess summer tan!

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5. Kaja Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer Eye Shadow Trio

I love this eyeshadow palette because it comes in stackable sets of three! They are too cute to pass up and you can pick from a variety of color combinations on most online beauty retailers. Some eyeshadow palettes have a plethora of options, making it difficult to hone in on what you want, but this palette perfects the “less is more” mantra. These colors are also creamy in texture, which is something that I love in an eyeshadow because it is easy to apply! A lot of these colors are strong in hue and pigment so I would not suggest blending with them, but they are perfect for a fierce and striking look!

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6. Urban Decay Naked Heat Eye Shadow Palette

This name says it all. This palette brings everything to the table- colors to blend, to use as a starter, a highlight, you name it! This palette stands out to me because of its amber neutrals, featuring silky mattes, smooth shimmers, and sparkling metallics for smoldering beauty looks. Again, these pinkish gold tones are perfect for complementing sun kissed skin!

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7. Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eye Shadow Palette

If you’re looking for the perfect eyeshadow palette to give you a natural airbrushed look- look no further than the Tarte Tartelette amazonian Clay Matte EyeShadow Palette.The colors are arranged in coordinating rows to make pairing and blending easier! These cool tones are actually infused with real amazonian clay which makes them uniquely perfect for blending.

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8. Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette 

Of all the palettes I have ever tried, this one might be my personal favorite. Sometimes shimmery tones are super light, and are hard to actually keep on your eyelid. All of the colors in this eyeshadow palette are the perfect texture. They are easy to blend and apply, and range from dark dramatic tones like “End Game’ to lighter ones like “Blur”. This palette is truly so versatile, so you need it in your staple beauty items for the very unpredictable summer of 2020.

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9. Too Faced Natural Lust Naturally Sexy Eyeshadow Palette

I love this palette because there is so much to choose from. The 30 colors are never before seen and all offer something unique and special. I also love the wide range of colors, from emerald greens to luscious pinks. This palette will inspire you to try new looks within your makeup routine- something that we all have extra time for! Perfect for embracing you sexy and sultry side, I highly recommend this natural toned palette.

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10. Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Eyeshadow Palette

This last palette that you must add to your beauty collection for the summer has 12 colors perfect for day and night. If we are being real, I initially tried out this palette because of its cool shape and design, but I could not be happier that I did because the rosy quartz color scheme is the perfect addition to my makeup collection. The colors are warm while still being bright and great for highlighting! Your summer eyeshadow collection will not be complete without this addition. 

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As the summer months are upon us, we can see the light at the end of the quarantine approaching. Try out these eyeshadow palettes, and play around with new and exciting looks as we start to resume semi-normal life. Between these ten palettes, you are guaranteed to kill the eyeshadow game and find a look that is just for you!

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