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Eyeshadow Looks You Need To Learn For Your Next Event

Eyeshadow Looks You Need To Learn For Your Next Event

Eye shadow completes every makeup look that you will ever wear. Whether you are simply doing the look for fun and to pass time or you are going to a major (or minor) event. These looks range from basic to more intermediate, and from simple to extravagant. You will definitely find a look that is perfect for your next event.

You can copy the look the best you can or you can use it as inspiration for your own style. Whether it’s bold and colorful or simple and classic – your next look will have everyone staring at your eyes and complimenting you. Your eyes will be the statement of your makeup and your whole look. You won’t be missing out with these looks.

These looks will tick all of your eye shadow boxes and you’ll definitely have most of these shades on your pallets already. But what more of a reason to buy a new pallet – to create one of these looks of course.


Brown Smokey Eye

The smokey eye – one of the most classic makeup looks to have under your belt. This brown smokey eye is one of the more delicate looks which will look amazing on anyone. It combines more than 2/3 shades of nude and brown and a blending brush to create the smokey (smudged) look. Eyeliner or no eyeliner your eyes will be sure to pop with this look. And what is better is that is go to look will compliment any outfit. What more do you need? Well…

Black Smokey Eye

The black smokey eye is the fiercest look of all the eye shadows. The black smokey eye will make the white of your eyes pop and is great when you have a simple outfit on. Pair with a nude lip or a red lip for the ultimate night time look. It will look great for your next big event or outing. The most classic of eye shadow looks.


Nude looks are great for an everyday eye shadow. If you want to impress someone, or just feel great in your everyday world a nude look is the best go-to. Especially if you have a colorful or professional-looking outfit. It is also perfect for a job interview as the look is appropriate enough to make you look amazing but also is not over the top at all. The nude/bronze colors can also be jazzed up a bit for night time looks by adding some dramatic lashes and some sleek eyeliner. All-day and night you’ll be reaching for the nude shades.



I mean, who doesn’t love glitter, right? Glitter eye shadow doesn’t have to just be for a big event like New Year’s Eve. Rock the glitter looks all year round. You can find glitter in so many colors but make sure it is for the face. Apply it with some eyelash glue or some adhesive that is okay to put on the eyes after you have done a base eye shadow. If you have glitter in your outfit too – great! But if you are doing it to liven up an outfit a little bit that is brilliant too. The more glitter on your eyelids the better!


Baby pink, hot pink, candy floss pink – whatever the shade – wear pink to make the boys wink. Obviously, you won’t be wearing this fierce look to impress a boy (you will be doing it to impress yourself) but why would you dress in any other color. You don’t have to limit your pink wearing to Wednesdays. This hot pink look paired with a nude pink lip and blended into a smokey eye is perfect for picking out a color in your outfit that you want to make pop. Pink is the new black.


Be daring and reach for the bright eye shadows. If you have blue eyes this look will look amazing on you – if you don’t well it will look amazing on you too! The white in the corner brightens the eyes and the blue shades are perfect for an event like a festival or even fancy dress like a mermaid look. If you have a blue shade in your dress you could also match it with that. An amazing and creative eye shadow look.



Although this green eye shadow look is paired with orange, the two tones complement each other so well. By putting a shade underneath your eyes it will make your eyes shine even brighter and complete the look perfectly – especially if you are trying to pick out a specific color in your eye shadow. Greens are not only good for the heart they are good for the eyes too!


Want to have your own sunset? Just look at the picture below! Orange looks are perfect for the autumn or summer months when you want a dash of color. Orange looks great with dark hair as it really makes the color pop, but if you have light hair it compliments that too. The great thing about orange is that you can wear it with any outfit and it will still go. The ultimate crowd-pleaser.


Want to look a million dollars? Paint the gold on your eyes, girl. This look is perfect matched with a black dress. Your night will sparkle as much as your eyes do with this look. It is a classic but a classic that you will always need. Gold eye shadows are a go-to shade for a lot of girls so being able to complete a gold look will be a great trick to have under your belt. Shimmer and shine.

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If you don’t like gold, have silver. This look is perfect if you are matching your outfit with silver jewelry. Brighten up your makeup look with some silver glitter or keep it natural with a silver shimmer pallet. Put it in the inner corner of your eye and blend to the middle. Add a darker shade to the outer corner to really make the silver tones stand out.

Cut Crease

A cut crease is where you are cutting a color off in the crease of your eyelid and putting another color above it. In this picture, this is highlighted with a perfect gold glitter eyeliner. This is one of the more intermediate looks and will require a few different shades of the color you would like. Cut creasing is a really in look at the moment in the makeup world.



If you don’t find the shimmer and the glitter all that appealing then matte eye shadows will be the best for you. You can simply put on one shade or you can mix a few to create one of the looks above. Matte doesn’t have to mean boring. Pick your matte shades and have some fun with it! If you want something simple try adding a statement lip color for that finishing wow factor.


Not all eye shadows have to be extravagant and glittery. If you want a simple look then reach for those natural tones. It works best in matte but will also work in shimmer if you want to experiment a little bit further. If you are not quite ready to add bright colors or you are just looking for a simple makeup look for going out or day time then a natural eye shadow look ticks all of those boxes. It can be paired with a statement lip or a nude lip and it means you can express yourself in other ways, like through your outfit. Or if you want to tone things down a little bit, this look is for you.


Why not trying to express yourself by picking your favorite colors and letting loose on your eyes. The perfect fun eye shadow look. It would look great for a festival or a fun event like a decade or even if you want to just breathe a little bit of color into a simple outfit. This look is so great for those a bit more daring.


Halo Eye Shadow

The halo is where you create a bright circle or line very small in the center of the bottom of the eyelid and blend up. It brightens up an amazing eye shadow look. It is one of the more intermediate looks but when you hack it is one of the most pretty looks you can wear!

Comment below what eye shadow look you created inspired by the above looks!

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