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Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Whoever said brown eyes are dull is completely wrong. Brown eyes can be daring, beautiful, subtle and naturally beautiful. Just because your eyes are darker doesn’t mean you should shy away from the eyeshadow. Below is a list of eyeshadow looks that are perfect for brown eyes!

1. Green With Envy

Darker, earth tones like deep greens look amazing on brown eyes, like the eyeshadow below. For this look recreate a smokey eye with intense shades of green. People will be green with envy when they see this amazing eye look on you. 


2. Barely There Nude

This look is for all the women out there who want their makeup to look as natural as possible. This eyeshadow look is more like contouring your eyes than actual eyeshadow. Find shades that are only slightly off from the shade of your natural complexion. It will make you look effortlessly amazing. 

3. Bold Pink

An all over color blocked look is perfect for a night out. A vibrant neon pink will surely help you stand out in the crowd. The bold shade against brown eyes will make it look even more intense and your eyes mysteriously dark. 


4. Dramatic Under Eye

Dramatic under eyes are becoming more and more popular. Create a natural look on your eyelid and line the bottom lashes with a bold, neon shade. The pink one below goes perfectly with brown eyes. 


5. Natural Glam

Natural glam looks were made for brown eyes. This look is perfect for going out, date nights or even a normal day on the town if you’re feeling daring. 

6. Cut Crease

This is another great go-to look for brown eyes. While it is a simple cut crease, using lighter browns, it still will help enhance the beautiful shades of browns in your eyes.


7. Glowing 

This eyeshadow look will help you enhance your natural glow. Place a subtle gold shade on your inner eyelid, blend it out into a strong coral shade that extends up to your brow. 


8. Subtle 

This look is great for an everyday look for brown eyes. Carefully blend light cream colors around your eyelid and down into your bottom lashes. 

9. Sparkle

Let your brown eyes pop by covering your lids with a mauve, sparkle eyeshadow. Line your bottom waterline with a similar mauve shade to really make it look like you have a disco ball on your face. 


10. Electric

Eyeshadow can also be an excellent way to experiment artistically. This look might seem intimidating but really it’s a smokey eye with a vibrant orange, glitter line down the middle. 

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11. Red Hot Gloss

Brown eyes are an excellent base to build off. If you’re looking to make a true statement recreate this look with a vibrant red, the messier the better. Top it off with gloss to make you look like the high fashionista you are. 


12. Shimmery Baby Pink

While baby pink may seem like something from the 90s or early 00s you can definitely still incorporate it today. To modernize this color apply it on the majority of your lid into your inner eye, but use charcoal to balance the soft shade. 

13. Strong Cat Eye

Brown eyes are incredibly striking, so why not play on that? Create an almost smoky look using deep shades of brown, gold and top it off with a strong cat eye. 


14. Glitter Cut Crease

This is the ultimate festival look for brown eyes. While subtle it will definitely make you stand out. Instead of a typical cut crease instead, trace your lid with a glitter eyeliner. 


What’s your favorite eyeshadow look for brown eyes? Comment below!

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