10 Eyeshadow Colors To Wear Now

10 Eyeshadow Colors To Wear Now

If you are anything like me, you have stepped into that beautiful Sephora building, saw all the amazing colors and packaging, became overwhelmed and had to leave. That fear of choosing the wrong eyeshadow has plagued me for years, and lead me to do hundreds of hours of research online. So if you are looking to find which colors are IN, keep reading our 10 Eyeshadow Colors To Wear Now.

1. Neon Orange

Neon orange is quiet a bright color that is hard to get away with on an everyday occurrence. Yet if you have some bright blue eyes, you will be already blessed to make this color pop on an normal day. 

We saw this color and so many other bright neon’s on the runway this year you really can not go wrong. If a whole lid is to much feel free to put some on your bottom lash line as an accent.

10 Eyeshadow Colors To Wear Now

2. Neutral Brown

If you are a person who does not have a brown color in your make up, stop reading this and go out to buy one immediately. It is a great crease color, across the eye and so many other options.

Not only is it great for your eyes a neutral brown eyeshadow can also be used as an eyebrow color so it performs both duties. Which we can all agree is way better than just working as an eyeshadow. 

10 Eyeshadow Colors To Wear Now

3. Neutral Glitter 

Right now everyone needs to get a fine neutral glitter that you can use for a night out or for everyday use. Adding the same color in the crease can blend the glitter out so it is not so strong. Pick your skin color as the neutral with glitter built in. 

Add a different color with the neutral glitter like a blue or green (see below) to really create a modern look that everyone will be jealous of. 

10 Eyeshadow Colors To Wear Now

4. Pink Shimmer

A light pink shimmer has been in style for a while, but now instead of the second color this light pink shimmer color is the main player. Adding this light pink shimmer color to as a brow highlight also works. For this trick use a very fine shimmer in the light pink eyeshadow color. 

Do not forget to create a night look add a bright pink in the crease for a very contemporary look that pops and accentuates your natural eye color.   

10 Eyeshadow Colors To Wear Now

5. Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta is a nice reddish brown color that looks good on almost all skin tones. The reason it is in right now because it creates a natural depth that does not look so over done. This color is also a transitional eyeshadow color that will move into the winter with you.

Putting this color with a burnt orange will also look amazing with the colder months coming, as well as right now at the end of summer. Whether it is by itself or with an accent color this Terra Cotta color is not going anywhere. 

10 Eyeshadow Colors To Wear Now

6. Metallic Gold

If you like a lot of shine then metallic gold will be the color for you right now. Metallic anything looks great, but metallic gold is great because it matches almost anything. Gold is a great neutral that can be blended with black or with brown. 

One benefit of the gold metallic eye shadow is you can also use it as a highlighter, which is nice if you are trying to stick with one product. For sure when using a metallic eye color use a primer because metallic eyeshadow is known for creasing easily. 

10 Eyeshadow Colors To Wear Now

7. Green

Green color for eyeshadow is a great new color that most people do not think about, and should be worn more often. This mostly looks good on darker skin that creates a pop with the subtleties in your iris. 

If this color is too much for everyday use for you using a dark brown on the crease will create a more subtle look. Even putting this as an eyeliner can give you the color with out being over the top. 

10 Eyeshadow Colors To Wear Now

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8. Smoky Black

Smoky black as an eyeshadow color is great for your crease as well as a great natural base for a night out. The reason this color is something you should wear right now is because the black color goes with almost every outfit.

Not to mention the smoky black eyeshadow color is great for creating a dramatic look that when paired with a full face can make anyone look more expensive. 

10 Eyeshadow Colors To Wear Now

9. Matte Gold

Matte gold is for sure in right now, especially with olive or very pale skin tones. The yellow is very great for the up and coming fall season with a matching orange sweater. Also with green or light eyes this matte gold color will help make your eyes be much brighter. 

Also adding gold eyelashes with the matte gold eyeshadow will create a striking look that is different then most looks in today’s fashion. 

10 Eyeshadow Colors To Wear Now

10. Glossy Grey

This really fun sticky grey lid is one of the top colors to wear now for so many reasons. The glossy finish creates a lot of shine which makes most people’s eyes pop. Be careful to get one that is not going to shift so much.

This grey color is amazing but mostly it is that glossy finish that most people are using right now. Glossy grey might be a hard color to find unless you go online so do not give up. 

10 Eyeshadow Colors To Wear Now

Choosing an eyeshadow color can be a daunting task but with a little research and creativity you can create a look that is completely your own. Do not be afraid of trying a new look that you are interested in, no matter how bold it might be. 

Did you get inspired by any of these eyeshadow ideas? Let us know in the comments which is your favorite!

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