12 Eyeliner Tutorials That Can Change Your Look

Eyeliner tutorials are becoming increasingly popular over the years. Eyeliner is a makeup product that can drastically change your look in an instant. Adding eyeliner to your makeup routine will give you the opportunity to add so many different looks to your makeup. Whether it is winged, different colors, crystallized, or double lined, adding eyeliner to your look will make it pop. With the beauty community on YouTube growing all the time, you will never run out of eyeliner tutorials to look up.

1. Shadow Line

The first of the eyeliner tutorials is a very unique way to make you stand out with just your eyes. Having your eyeliner winged out and then go up on the hood of your lid is already a unique look on its own, but adding the shadow to it makes it even more individualistic. You can choose any color of eyeshadow that you want and have it surrounding the eyeliner. Going in with shadow first and then applying the eyeliner will make achieving this look much easier!

2. Winged In And Out

Winged eyeliner is a very popular trend, but a new trend in the making is having your winged eyeliner follow on both the outside and inside of your lid. Creating a sharp edge on the inside creates a dynamic look that isn’t often made. It can even give it a wavy feel to the look and make your makeup stand out.


3. Double Lined

Following a similar concept of having two lines for your eyeliner, this look creates a full eyeliner look with the entire hood of your lid being drawn over as well. Instead of stopping half-way like the other shadowed look, this look is much more simple but you will need a steady hand to pull it off. To tie the entire look together, add a small winged line on the bottom lash line towards the center of your face. This is a combination of our first two looks with a twist on both!


4. Smoked Liner

If using eyeliner seems like the most impossible thing to do, you can still create a “line,” just without the actual eyeliner. All you need is a flat, stiff eyeshadow brush and your favorite color shadow. Pack the shadow on directly above the lash line and then slowly start to smudge it out. You can blend as much or as little as you want, depending on how sharp you want it.


5. Rose Liner

This is a unique look that might not be for everyday wear, but it can be a fun addition to your makeup skills. Going from the double-winged line from before, you need to start with the eyeliner as a base. Of course, if you want the eyeshadow on as well you will need to put that on at the very beginning to make it blend well. Once you have the main line, start adding however many pedals you want to it. This is a look that appears much more difficult than it actually is, so having this look down will be a sure way to impress people with your makeup skills!

6. Double Liner

If putting a winged eyeliner look together is an easy task for you, adding a double line will be a fun look to try out. Start with your first winged line and then choose any color you’d like to add on top of it. Make sure the second line goes out slightly farther than the first to create a flowy feel to it.

7. Line Of Stars

If putting on eyeliner seems like an impossible task, yet you still want to try out new looks with your eye makeup, this could be one of the eyeliner tutorials for you! Adding stars (or any shape you want) to your lash line is a fun twist on adding eyeliner. Apply some lash glue to the shapes and wait until it is tacky. Use some tweezers for precision and you’re all set!


8. Rainbow Lines

This eyeliner tutorial can be achieved using either eyeshadow or eyeliner, but if you want sharp, precise lines, eyeliner would be the best way to go. Making a rainbow with eyeliner will require a steady hand, but this look is super fun to create and wear! It’ll be a sure way to impress others and is a fun look to wear at events!

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9. Smoked Wing

This smoked wing is a similar approach as before for someone who doesn’t like using eyeliner but still wants the effect it creates. Again, all you will need is a stiff eyeshadow brush and any color of eyeshadow of your choosing. Pack on the shadow as close to the lash line as you can get, and then blend as much or as little as you would like. This time, you’ll be creating a winged look, so you might want to use tape or concealer to make the lines sharp.


10. Crystal Lines

This is another approach to eyeliner tutorials for someone avoiding actual eyeliner. Smoke out some eyeshadow above the lid and create the illusion of a line around the hood of your eyelid. Then, add some lash glue to the crystals, allow for them to get tacky, and then place them along the line above the lid. Follow around your eye to the lower lash line and repeat the process.

11. Neon Wings

If you are looking for a fun way to stand out with your makeup, this neon winged eyeliner tutorial could be the way for you! For precision, using concealer to clean up the edges is an easy way to make a sharp winged line. This bold neon wing will be a unique look that is perfect for so many occasions! It can go with eyeshadow or just a simple clean look.

12. Rainbow Wing

This is probably a more advanced version of the rainbow eyeliner we showed before, but it can still be achieved! Starting with the main color, use an eyeliner to create a wing that makes its way halfway back over the lid. Slowly use shadows to blend the rainbow inwards and add some sparkle on the inside!


Which of these eyeliner tutorials will you be trying out? Let us know and share pictures with us in the comments below!

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