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10 Eyeliner Tips Shared by Top Beauty Bloggers

10 Eyeliner Tips Shared by Top Beauty Bloggers

Our beauty regimens are incomplete without eyeliner. We simply cannot finish a beauty look without applying liner, whether it be the most artistic cat eyes or a little flick. It’s a simple method to make your lashes appear longer, draw attention to your eyes softly, and even give the impression that you’re awake. Undoubtedly, it takes time to perfect a tightline or cat eye. But don’t worry if you’re new to the eyeliner scene and are only beginning. You can quickly master applying eyeliner thanks to our many tips, tactics, and recommendations!

1. Find The Right Tool

There are numerous formulas and application tools available when it comes to eyeliner. Finding the appropriate tool for your level of expertise and desired aesthetic is essential because each type of liner has a unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

Whatever you decide—pencil, gel, or liquid—each has a unique application and level of talent. The easiest makeup item to use and ideal for an everyday look is an eyeliner pencil. Not frequently sharpening pencils, which enables you to achieve a fine line as close to your lash line as humanly feasible, is one of the major blunders individuals make. We adore the IT Cosmetics Superhero No-Tug Gel Eyeliner Pencil because it’s a no-tug pencil that’s simple to use.


Gel eyeliner is normally applied with a brush and comes in a container. These can be a little more challenging because you need to apply the proper quantity of substance. Gels slide across the eyelid without pulling or dragging like a pencil thanks to their incredibly creamy consistency. One disadvantage is that gels can dry out more quickly than other formulae, as opposed to pencils, which are good until the last sharpening. Give the NYX Professional Makeup Gel Liner and Smudger a try if you want to try a gel alternative.

Liquid liners are the most sophisticated liners. These inky beauties can be harsh if you use them incorrectly, but if you learn the finesse required for the right application, they are the best at forming cat-eyes and other dramatic eye shapes. We advise the L’Oréal Paris Matte Signature Waterproof Liquid Dip Eyeliner as a liquid option.

10 Eyeliner Tips Shared by Top Beauty Bloggers


2. Get into Position

You may fully control the outcome by situating yourself correctly before beginning your liner. Grab a handheld mirror first, preferably one with a magnifying lens, so you can get near to your eye and see what you’re doing. It’s simpler to apply liner if you hold the brush just below the eye so that your lashes are down as you work. Next, support yourself by resting your elbow (of the hand you’re applying the liner with) on a table or other flat surface. 

Start by making a smooth surface for your liner to glide across because you’ll find that most liners have a tendency to get caught or skip across your lid. Pull the skin over your eye taut with your pointer and middle finger for a cleaner, more accurate line. Put your elbow up on a stable surface rather than free-handing it. You don’t want to tug too hard, so just make sure to be patient and gentle.

3. Use a Pencil to Create the Shape

If you’re just starting out, trace the outline of your wing with a pencil because it’s much simpler to remove than liquid liner. Apply the liquid liner on top once you’ve determined the shape and tidy up with a Q-tip if needed.


4. Draw the Wing First

Although starting with your wing may seem unusual, it makes it much simpler to get the angle just perfect so that it lifts and lifts your eye rather than drawing it downward. “I always start with the wing by marking the furthest corner of your eye and drawing a fine line, inclined slightly upward,” says Chanel Temple, a global makeup artist for Hourglass Cosmetics.

5. Outline The Shape Of The Wing

Make the shape first, then fill it in, rather than progressively increasing the width of your wing. Since doing so will help you make sure the wings are symmetrical in breadth and angled in the same directions; you could even sketch both wing forms before starting on the lash line or inner corner.

6. Grab a Post-it

A post-it note can be used to create a clean, straight wing with the ideal angle!  It’s quite easy to use and makes the entire experience considerably simpler. Begin by positioning the post-it edge along your lower lash line and angling it so that it meets your brow just above the furthest point. Create your wing using this edge as a guide. Peel off the post-it cautiously after the liner has had time to dry. After that, draw from your lashline to where your wing meets.


7. Find the Right Wing for Your Eye Shape

Getting the angle of the wing just right is one of the most crucial guidelines for applying winged eyeliner. Since everyone of us has a particular eye shape, this varies for each person. For instance, by adding a dramatic wing to the outer corners, you can emphasize wide eyes by giving the appearance of increased width. The kind of wing you make will be extremely different from someone with deep-set eyes if you have a hooded lid. To find the design that makes you feel the sexiest, experiment with different angles, wing sizes, and locations.

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8. Set your Liner

Immediately after using liquid liner, close your eyes for 30 seconds. This will stop any unintentional smearing. A small shadow brush dipped in translucent powder can also be used to seal in the product. Finish your look with a few spritzes of a setting spray to ensure it lasts all day.


Most liners aren’t very dark, so use a powder or pencil liner to set your liner for a really matte black appearance. By filling in any spots where the color isn’t as intense, it will stay in place all day. Simply pack black eyeshadow over the liquid liner using a flat, angled brush or a pencil that has been sharpened.

9. Line Your Inner Corner

Although lining your inner corner has been practiced for ages, it is currently very trendy. Once you’ve perfected your wing, use a liner to draw a tear duct along your upper and lower lash line to give the appearance of even larger eyes.

10 Eyeliner Tips Shared by Top Beauty Bloggers


10. Correct any Mistakes Later

Kelli J. Bartlett, artistic director of Glamsquad, guides, “If you make a mistake, LET IT DRY.” Although you would assume that removing a dried line is impossible and that this is a difficult task, her best cleaning advice is actually very simple. Make sure to clean the brush with a tissue in between strokes and saturate an angled brush in a makeup remover before removing anything you don’t want to see.

10 Eyeliner Tips Shared by Top Beauty Bloggers

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