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Eye Shadow Trends You Have To Try This Summer

Eye Shadow Trends You Have To Try This Summer

The truth is that eyeshadow trends are continually changing. One day a vibrant blue look is all the rage, and then the next week, it is all about neutrals. This can get a little confusing but fear not young grasshopper, that’s what we’re here for! These looks are as timeless as tan lines, and we know you will absolutely love them. Here are the eyeshadow trends you have to try this summer.

Put Some Glitter On

Chances are you have been playing with glitter since you were a little girl, and I am happy to tell you that glitter is trending hard in 2020. Whether you decide to wear it over your entire eye or you want to play it low and just add under your eye for a fun pop of sparkle, you really can’t go wrong. For a fun concert look, opt for glitter that comes in larger chunks. 

My Gloss is Poppin’

Fresh from the runway is a look so dewy you’ll want to try it. This high fashion and unique makeup look will show off your natural beauty and the best part; it is SO simple. You can pair this eyeshadow trend with almost all makeup looks, and it’ll go great with anything you wear! Surprise your friends this summer by showing them you’re all about those runway makeup trends. You’ll look fabulous no matter where you decide to go. Simply add gloss to a monochromatic look and you got it!


Eye Shadow Trends You Have To Try This Summer

Colored Mascara

Two words. Fifteen letters and a look you will absolutely love. What is it, you ask? Colored mascara. Before you decide to write this one off, try it out. Bold, fearless, and stunning this look will grab everyone’s attention and show off your gorgeous eyes. Wear this colorful mascara with a natural eyeshadow and white eyeliner. Just give it a shot. Who knows, this may be the look you decide to rock all summer long!

Natural Bronze

If trying out new eyeshadow trends isn’t really your cup of tea, then this look is the perfect look for you. For those natural and sun-kissed makeup days, try a beautiful and bronze makeup look. Fill your eyelid with browns, golds, and whites. Pro tip: apply highlighter at the bottom of your brow bone for a look that radiates the goddess within.


I’ll Take The Glitter, And Make It A Double Please.

We already covered a glitter look above, but if you are like me and bleed sparkles, then keep reading. Sparkles are fabulous, and I honestly believe that no look is complete without them. Glitter eyeshadow is just as gorgeous as it sounds. Add primer to the top of your eyelids and apply your favorite eye glitter on top of and in the crease of your eye. You will shine as bright as the stars, and it is an excellent look for those summer nights out on the town. 

Eye Shadow Trends You Have To Try This Summer

Keep It Simple

Easy and natural with a splash of creativity. Sometimes wearing a natural look is the best way to do your eyeshadow during the summer. Apply a skin-tone color to the outer crease of your eye and add a bit of natural shimmer to the crease. This look is easy to apply and simple enough that it can be worn in the daytime, but also classy enough to wear with your favorite summer maxi dress.  



If summer were a color, it would be peach. Not only is it a fun and fruity freshness, but it also looks great on every skin tone. Peach eyeshadow will never go out of style, which is precisely why you need this eyeshadow look this summer. It will keep your face looking fresh and awake while also looking like you actually put in a lot of effort, but truth be told it only took you five minutes. Don’t worry; your secret is safe with us. 

Graphic Eyeliner

I get it: Going full throttle with your makeup feels somewhat dumb in the summer (especially if you sweat as much as me or love to go to the pool often). That’s why I’m especially obsessed with this simple and wearable trend for summer 2020. It’s all about thin, graphic lines, and it pairs great with simple contour and highlights. You will look like you just walked off the runway. Slay girl, slay. 

Eye Shadow Trends You Have To Try This Summer

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Corner Of The Eye Shimmer 

If graphic eyeliner is a little out of your comfort zone not to worry, you’ll love how subtle this fabulous summer 2020 makeup trend is. All you’ll need is black eyeliner (one that is easy to smudge), which you then can use to create a modern cat-eye look. Apply glitter, and you are good to go. 

White Eyeliner 

Leave it to white eyeliner to make a summer 2020 makeup trend look so damn effortless. Take the graphic eyeliner trend one step further and use a white eyeliner pencil instead. This futuristic and modern look is trendy and chic. 2020 is all about taking new risks, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try; you may even like it. 


Yellow Eye Shadow

Pull out your old palettes collecting dust because it’s finally time to get the use out of all those yellow eye shadows you haven’t been able to use before. The bold and bright look will win over your friends, and it is a great way to brighten up your face with minimal makeup. When life gives you lemons, make yellow eye shadow. AKA the perfect look for summer. 

Eye Shadow Trends You Have To Try This Summer

Holographic Eye Shadow

Soft, barely-there makeup definitely isn’t your only option as far as summer 2020 makeup trends go. For those nights, when you want to take things to the next level, smudge colorful and holographic eye cream across your lids. You can also use a highlighter for a simpler take on this look. Either way, it is an excellent replacement for your standard smokey eye. 


Did any of these eye shadow trends catch your eye? Which one will you be trying out this summer? Let us know in the comment section below!

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