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10 Eye Makeup Tips That Truly Make Your Eyes Stand Out

10 Eye Makeup Tips That Truly Make Your Eyes Stand Out

These eye makeup tips are going to have your eyes standing out in no time at all! Here are some of the best tips for you to try!

Are you afraid your eyes look beady? Do you have dark circles you are trying to hide? Is your eye makeup just looking blah? Try these tips to make your eyes stand out and pop!

1. Always, Always Use Mascara

Mascara help open your eyes up and make them look bigger. Also with eyelash extension being all the rage right now, it can be deduced that long, lushes eyelashes are universally coveted. You do not need to shell out tons of money to get extension. A $5 tube of mascara can get the job done.

2. Highlight Your Eyes

We are all obsessed with highlighters. Dabbing highlighter on your brow bone, or on the inner corners of your eyes will brighten your entire look instantly.


3. Choose the Right Eyeshadow Colors

Certain colors can really make your eyes stand out. For instance, if you happen to have green eyes, try to use purple eyeshadow to enhance the color of your eyes. If you have blue eyes, use cool tones to help intensify the blue and if you have brown eyes, try to use warmer tone colors such as bronze. Use the chart below for reference next time you are looking for eyeshadow.

4. Apply Eyeliner

The golden rule is that if you use mascara, you must line your lashes with eyeliner. You can use liquid eyeliner to create a cute little flick at the end of your eyes, or you can use kohl eyeliner to create a smokey eye. Also, if you happen to have fair skin, use brown eyeliner to avoid the eyeliner looking to harsh or gothic.

5. Conceal Your Dark Circles

When you are utterly exhausted, dark circles are unavoidable. But you can minimize the appearance of dark circles by applying concealer. The secret of applying concealer is that you make an upside down triangle under your eyes, instead of swiping it on. If you do the latter, your concealer might crease and make you look more tired and older.



6. Brighten Your Waterline

The upper lash line gets way too much attention. Most people forget their lower waterline. The secret to make your eyes look much bigger and wider is using a white or nude eyeliner on your waterline. NYX’s Wonder Pencil is perfect for achieving this, and and it truly does wonders!

7. Depuff Your Eyes

This is a step most of us forget. If you are sleep deprived and your eyes are puffy, chances are that your eye makeup won’t look too great. The most easiest way to get rid of puffiness is placing an ice cube over your eyes since it instantly hydrates your skin. You can also use black or green tea bags to reduce swelling. If you are not about home remedies, Sephora has an entire collection of eye masks in stock that costs the same as your morning breakfast.

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8. Use Primer

If you are cursed with oily eyelids or just sweat a lot, you know the pain of having your eyeshadow crease or eyeliner get ruined throughout the day. Take an preemptive step and always start your eye makeup routine with primer. Just a little tab will help your eyeshadow not slip away. Try Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion if you have money to splurge, or for a cheaper alternative, use Milani Eyeshadow Primer.


9. Use an Eyelash Curler

Some of us are not blessed with naturally curled lashes. To give your lashes an extra oomph, use an eyelash curler and your eyes will certainly stand out.

10. Define your Eyebrows

If your brows are messy and unruly, your eye makeup will probably look blah, even if you are using a Chanel palette. Since eyebrows frame your face, they should always be in check. That is the number one beauty rule. Always make sure your eyebrows are clean and defined before swiping on eyeshadow and mascara.

Which eye makeup tips are your favorite? What eye makeup tips will you try? Tell us in the comments!
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