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15 Extreme Bathing Suits You Can’t Unsee

15 Extreme Bathing Suits You Can’t Unsee


For some reason, since the release of Borat extreme bathing suits have entered into the Internet sphere. While some are just downright shocking, a large number of them are unforgettably hilarious. I still question if the people wearing them are doing it because they genuinely think they look good or if they’re trying to be funny. I’m not sure who would find a skimpy cheetah bathing suit attractive but to each their own. Regardless, here are 20 of the most extreme bathing suits that will have you L-O-L-ing.

1. Borat’s Suit

Obviously this is going to make it to the top of the list. This bathing suit was revolutionary. It’s basically the Chanel of extreme bathing suit attire.

2. Four Questionable Girls

Okay, this is what I mean; are you wearing this ridiculously provocative bathing suit for shits and giggles or do you actually think you look good? If the answer to that question is yes, then I think you need to reevaluate your life. Do less please. Far less.


3. Extreme Bathing Suit Suited For Male Strippers

I see no other benefit to possessing this raunchy suit. I pray this doesn’t make it into your extreme beach wear attire.

4. Hot Mess

This orange extremely revealing bathing suit has got to go. Like now. There’s a reason the word “FAIL” in all caps is there.

5. Bird Lover

I hope you know the guy behind you is taking a photo on his disposable camera. Chances are there isn’t much going on in the back.


6. Woman Who Aspires To Be Wonder Woman

Yeah, not sure about how comfortable that one is laying on a beach. Don’t think you’re going to be too fond of your tan lines either but, your prerogative woman. FYI, Wonder Woman is a fictional character. Also, are your legs chained together, or am I just seeing things?

7. Aquatic Advocate

She must be awfully passionate about aquatic life.

8. The Ultimate Sun Protector

9. Motor Suit

What’s with the helmet?


10. The Extreme Bathing Suit That Matches With Your Cocktail

How about no.

11. Absolutely Not

I think your Lolita themed sunglasses get more coverage!

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12. You Again

Hope you learned your lesson after this one dude.

13. No Words

14. My Favorite

This is clearly the best suit out there. I appreciate you girl!

15. Shark Suit

Go home.


Here’s a list of actually cute bathing suits though for those of you who are scarred from this experience.

Let us know if you would EVER try out any of these extreme bathing suits. I pray the answer is no.
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