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Exploring Creativity in your Living Space

Exploring Creativity in your Living Space

There are a couple of categories that are seen on Tik Tok or Instagram. Beautiful women showing off the latest outfit they either thrifted, spent way too much money on or stole. People are doing some type of spontaneous activity that looks cool, is aesthetically pleasing, or is unconventionally stupid. Followed by pets. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with this category as they are pretty much all adorable. The last category that is often seen on many forms of social media is living spaces. If it’s not living spaces, it’s spaces that people spend a lot of time in, such as a coffee shop. When you swipe through whatever feed you are looking at, the first thing you think of when looking at these locations is “oh, I wish I lived there” or “I wish my place looked like that.” Lots of preplanning occurs with these types of environments, but that doesn’t mean yours can’t be one of them. Here are some ways you can explore creativity in your living space. 

Where to Start

If you have any eye for design, bring that front and center because it can be applied here. A great place to start is with a mood board. This will help you visualize what you want your end product to look like in your living space. If you want a particular color, piece of furniture, or pattern in your area, throw it on the mood board the first chance you get. With that item on the board, begin adding things, basing the theme on the most crucial element. Add colors, additional items, lighting, textures, plants, or any other feature you want to see in your living space. Your board can be made online, or it can be a whole arts and crafts project with a poster and glue. Make this uniquely yours so you can shape the room around the board.


Exploring Creativity

There could be an entire book written about exploring creativity in your living space, but we can break it down, so it’s not so difficult. Not everything needs to look insta ready, but it is always fun when it is. Let’s break down how to get detailed looks.

Exploring Texture

Many consider wallpaper outdated and ugly. While the patterns from the 70s-80s most definitely are, the new wallpapers coming out are changing the spaces we live in once again. A lot of creativity can be expressed through the walls in your living space. With wallpaper comes a lot of texture which can look extremely unique and creative. Bold and vibrant florals have been brought back and accentuated with extremely bright furniture. Other types of wallpaper create a subtle or minimalistic look. Ensure that you like the option of wallpaper you choose if you decide to go that route. If you really like wallpaper but don’t want to overwhelm a space. Consider an accent wall to give some detail.


Accent Walls

While wallpaper always brings a nice touch, an accent wall can also change the entire dynamic of space. Choose a slightly darker brown, gray, or neutral color if you prefer minimalistic features. Accent walls can have a lot of detail, pulling attention towards them or minimalistic details which don’t directly draw an onlooker’s eye. Adding texture to accent walls through wood panels or large artwork is another way to change your living space.

Creativity in Art

Creativity is most commonly expressed through art, so it should be no different to express this in your living space. Lately, this has been seen through gallery walls, but artwork has become the focal point in the frames instead of family photos. Your style should largely determine the type of artwork you get. Utilize your mood board by printing out each image and putting them alongside one another to see how they work. If you print each image proportionate to the actual size you want, you can pre-arrange the gallery wall in its entirety. Bold colors can really draw attention in a space, so make sure you have a balance or are comfortable noticing that piece for a long period of time. The best art is displayed through custom framing, more specifically with matte. Bold is best when it comes to framing, so choose a larger perimeter of the matte board that really makes your piece pop. Frame for the piece opposed to the spaces it is displayed in.

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Central Items

It doesn’t matter what you are designing; there will naturally be core pieces in each space. For instance, a dining room’s most substantial piece will be a table followed by chairs. A bed will draw the most attention in a bedroom. Unless you love many patterns and textures, it’s best to have a neutral for a significant item such as the couch or the walls. This is not a rule of thumb as many rooms work very well with heavy patterns but note what things have the most attention and work around them, so there is not too much overwhelm when others enter a room. A great way to do this is by asking a friend or family member to enter the space and tell you what stands out the most. When we decorate a room, we often lose sight of what is most noticeable. If there is a heavily textured or loud piece, put it in your space first to determine what else needs to be added. It is best to go step by step instead of guessing what should go where all at once.


Find inspiration through social media to determine what kind of style and aesthetic you are trying to create. Before moving too quickly, sit down and consider the option you have before jumping to a design without giving it much thought. If there is an item you really want but isn’t readily available due to finances or quantity available, it is always better to wait. If you rush into something else, you will likely regret the decision later.

Good luck exploring creativity in your living space. Show us the best designs you have come up with so far in the comments!