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Experiencing Music in Chicago

Experiencing Music in Chicago

If you are somebody that loves music and let us be honest, who doesn’t you have to know the best places in the city? There is live music all over Chicago that can be experienced in a night or over several days. Any genre of music from hip hop, metal, classical, jazz, or really anything else has to be covered for those who are musically inclined. Going to the city can be exciting, overwhelming, fun, and adventurous. Accompanying those feelings with music can help you feel one with the city life. Let’s get started with some of the best venues to experience music in Chicago. 


House of Blues Chicago 

House of Blues has always been a hot spot to experience music in Chicago. This place ranges in music from Blues to DJ. There is no limit on what you can expect in this venue. Drinks and dining options are available at this exciting sport in the city, so don’t come full. The schedule for who is playing at this venue is online, but there will always be sounds flooding the streets of Chicago from this bar. If you are in the mood to spice up your nightlife, this is the spot. 

Lyric Opera

While House of Blues is a whole mood for the city life, the Lyric Opera of Chicago is a total game-changer. This is a place to find entertainment, a storyline, and beautiful harmonies created by talented individuals. Chicago is often known to be rough around the edges while also having locations of extreme prestige or class. If you can’t decide between one or the other, try both. The 2022 Season is available at the Lyric Opera to get the full Chicago experience by witnessing music in Chicago.


Moving to music never hurt anyone, which is why Stereo should be the next place on your list. This venue is located off Diversey Avenue in Chicago and is the spot to be. Once again, a totally different vibe than an Opera house but diversity is key. Stereo is a polished nightclub where alcohol, dancing, and music are all in one. There are probably some other substances flying around, but I wouldn’t tell anyone. This venue has had a wide variety of artists playing since the shutdown of the world, so if you want to loosen up a bit, here is the place to go. Don’t forget to wear something neon and pull out that Euphoria styled makeup. 

Winters Jazz Club 

Let’s slow down the vibe a little bit at Winters Jazz Club. Obviously, your senses are going to be stimulated with lots of jazz music which is a truly authentic experience in the city. Music in Chicago often doesn’t get much better than jazz, especially at this rather swanky venue that keeps it traditional and elegant. This is a more intimate venue than many clubs you experience in the city. It is also worth noting the happy hour at this venue. Check it out to feel authentic and elegant while listening to the sounds of Chicago. 

The Hideout 

Here is a place you don’t find ordinary people in. The hideout was made for the irregular people to unwind and chill. This venue has been around for the past 100 years and still stands to serve the irregular population with indie, free jazz, punk, post-rock, and alternative music. In addition to these funky vibes, The Hideout brings a full bar to the table. If you are seeking some traditional Chicago history, some music, and a drink, this is the place to find it. 

Empty Bottle 

While hiding is always a good time, it’s kind of nice to stand apart from the crowd in a more public venue such as the Thalia Hall. This is a place where music in Chicago comes to life. Originally this was a location of an opera house in 1892. Since it has become the place of entertainment, architecture, and craft cocktails. This place drowns in music and booze from piano to more well-known musical acts. This is the place to be to form a unique experience that will lead to an unforgettable night.


Cobra Lounge 

Naming a place for an empty bottle is for sure a marketing tactic; some prefer their bottles full. The Cobra Lounge is an underground location that hosts emerging music talent. Located next to Union Park, you might find this place comes alive in the summer, especially when artists premier for outdoor music festivals. While many clubs can be a little pretentious, this place has kept it real pretty much all through the season since its beginning. Think of somewhere a little dark and dingy, and that will bring the aesthetic of Cobra Lounge to life. 


Speaking of dark and dingy brings us to Reggies. While this is the furthest thing from the Chicago Symphony, it might help you discover some new tunes you haven’t heard before. This venue is extremely well known for its rock club vibes that are seamlessly combined with a more laid-back feel. Reggies brings rock, metal, jazz, blues, punk, folk, and hip hop all to a dimly lit environment. Reggies serves food and drinks to keep everyone happy through a show. Don’t worry about getting bored at this place; there is always something new to rage about.
Finding a genre of music can be a little overwhelming in the city, especially when there is noise coming from anywhere. People are chatting, blues on the corner of the nearest train station, and the everyday bustle of the city can be a lot. Finding venues that keep fresh sounds and cold drinks can make an average day fantastic. Of course, the best places are always found in the city, Chicago being one of the best. Don’t hessite to find your favorite place by trying new music, bands, or locations. There is never a shortage of sounds emerging from the bustling city. 
Share some of your favorite venues for music? What made you fall in love with music from the city?