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Expensive Restaurants Throughout The World

Expensive Restaurants Throughout The World

Expensive Restaurants Throughout The World

Everybody likes to splurge on a meal from time to time. Getting dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant can be a rewarding experience. Dropping $200 bucks for a dinner for 2 might be reasonable for an upscale restaurant, but this is chump change compared to some eating establishments. Here are a few of the most expensive restaurants in the world.


The city of Ibiza is known as one of the most lavash and party-centric city in the world. Tourists travel from all over the world travel to the small Spanish city to take part in their one of a kind festivities. While Ibiza is covered in upscale bars and restaurants, SubliMotion stands out for all the rest. Located below Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel, this 12 seat restaurant is only open from June 1 to September 30th and costs more than a month’s pay to experience.

SubliMotion holds the title of being the most expensive restaurant in the entire world. It cost anywhere from 1,850 to $2,380 to reserve your seat at this one of a kind eatery! You will get a 20-course meal and one of the craziest dining experiences of your life. SubliMotion’s chef, Pauco Ranchero, describes SubliMotion as “[The] cheapest life-changing experience anyone can have. SubliMotion is much more than a restaurant. It combines art, food, and technology to create something patrons will never forget.

Guest at SubliMotion will be treated to a DJ, light shows, virtual reality adventures, illusions and much more while dining here. Floating desserts and drinks that mix themselves are not uncommon to see while eating here. Sometimes salad items seem to grow up from the table. While you are enjoying your meal, a light show dances all over the walls as a DJ plays upbeat dance music. It’s highly unlikely you will ever forget your experience if you are lucky enough to attend SubliMotion, just make sure to reserve your seat months in advance since they are known to sell out rather quickly.

Expensive Restaurants Throughout The World


Masa is a luxurious Japanese restaurant located in the New York City neighborhood of Manhattan. It is own by one of the best Japanese chefs in America, Masa Takayama. Chef Takayama has spent his whole life perfecting the art of cooking and it shows in this amazing sushi bar. Masa offers upscale dining while enjoying a simplistic, yet artistic environment.

Masa prides itself on being shibui. Shibui is a Japanese aesthetic that is both simple and beautiful. Nothing is overextravagant allowing customers to have a very calm yet fun experience. Chef Takayama wants to give guests a true Japanese. Masa is 1 of only 2 sushi bars in America to have a bar made out of a sold piece of Japanese Hinoka wood which costs around 260,000. The bar is sanded every day to perfection in order to give it a soft tone that is both visually and sensually pleasing. Masa is also full of unique artwork that mixes the traditional Japanese style with modern city living.

You will have to spend top dollar if you plan on having the amazing Masa experience. It cost $595 per guest just to dine at this fine establishment. Note that this does not include drinks or tax. Masa requires guests to reserve their seats at least 3 weeks in advance since the sushi bar only has 26 seats in the whole restaurant. All the food is made by Masa Takayama himself with many of the ingredients and fish flown in from Japan.

Expensive Restaurants Throughout The World


Much like SubliMotion, Ultraviolet is a very avant-garde eatery that is unlike any other. Located in the eastern Chinese city of Shanghai, Ultraviolet has built up a reputation for being one of the most experimental dining experiences in the world. It has no windows, artwork, or anything you would expect from an upscale restaurant.

Ultraviolet focuses on stimulating all your human senses instead of just your sense of taste. All patrons eat at 1 big table consisting of only 10 chairs in a basement like environment. Everything seems dull until the experience becomes underway. Every dish is paired with a specific scent and visuals that propels the experience to new heights. It is a multisensory experience you wont find anywhere else in the world. If a French dish is served, the walls transform to a French countryside while a gentle breeze gently brushes your face. If Japanese food is severed, the environment might change to a Japanese garden where you can smell the scent of many different flowers. The whole experience lasts a few hours and will leave guests with something they will not soon forget.

Unfortunately, this amazing event comes with a hefty price. Ultraviolet guests will have to fork up anywhere from $500 to $900 per person to reserve their spot at the table. This will give each customer 20 or so dishes with each one paired with a specific virtual reality location and scent. Each dish and location/scent change frequently so people don’t spoil the event for others by posting it online. If you are wanting a truly mind-blowing experience and have deep pockets, Ultraviolet is for you.

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Expensive Restaurants Throughout The World

Kitcho Arashiyama

Kitcho Arashiyama is a restaurant in Kyoto Japan that offers a cherished Japanese dinner known as kaiseki. Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese style of dinner where many different dishes are served individually throughout the dining experience. Each dish is carefully constructed with only the best ingredients Japan has to offer. It is known to be the highest degree of Japanese dining. Each dish at Kitcho Arashiyama is like its own piece of art that tastes as good as it looks.

Kitcho Arashiyama takes the kaiseki tradition very seriously and based the restaurant in preserving the art ever since 1930. It resembles a traditional Japanese tea house where customers can relax and forget about the struggles of life. It has a very strong Zen-like atmosphere with each dining room having a view of the beautiful garden meant to sooth guests.

The eloquent kaiseki dining experience Kitcho Arashiyama offers comes at a high price. A full 10-course meal costs around $570 per person. The lunch prices are a bit cheaper but still cost more than $350. Be warned, you might miss out on the full kaiseki experience if you decide to go with the cheaper lunch or dinner plans. Reservations are required weeks in advance due to the limited seating and high demand for Kitcho Arashiyama’s delicious meals.

Expensive Restaurants Throughout The World

These 4 restaurants go above and beyond what typical eateries offer, making them the most expensive in the world. Feel free to tell us some of the most luxurious dining establishments you have eaten at in the comments below.

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