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10 Expectations To Let Go Of When Coming Into The UND Dating Life

10 Expectations To Let Go Of When Coming Into The UND Dating Life


Let me start off saying dating in college is a whole other ballpark, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is good or bad, but it is very different than high school dating and is slightly difficult to adapt to at first. Keep reading for expectations to let go of when coming into the UND dating life!

1. Being able to see each other every day.

In high school, if you and your partner attended the same school, you could eat lunch with them, talk during your passing time, and more likely than not you had time after school to see them. In college that is not the case; schedules for classes do not align, and between work, homework, eating, and working out fitting in time can be difficult.

2. Going out on extravagant dates.

Do not expect a steak dinner folks. You no longer have your parents to mooch off of for going out for dinner or the movies. You are broke, get used to dining center dinner dates followed by Netflix and Chill.


3. Being the priority.

Going along with number 1, you may feel like you are put on the back burner, it may not always be intentional but don’t be surprised if it happens. This can become a bigger issue if it continues on without addressing it; know you deserve to be the priority in the long run.


4. Relationship built solely on romance.

A lot of relationships start off at parties, and this being said your relationship could start off not exactly in the most romantic way, and some of it may even be regretful; but that’s just college and life!

5. It will automatically turn into a relationship.

Do not try to turn something into more than it’s, if he is not interested do not try to keep pushing him into talking to you, hanging out, etc. It is not worth your time to focus on someone who does not understand how amazing you are. Hookups happen in college, and on both ends it could be regretful, so do not be alarmed if after the occurrence you walk past each other on campus without acknowledgement

6. You are not the only one he is talking to.

Yes there are always those exceptions, because ladies, THERE ARE LOYAL GUYS OUT THERE I PROMISE YOU, but your first year of college lower your expectations for freshmen boys. Many just came out of their high school relationship and do not want to start college being tied down again. Thus this being said, do not assume you are the only one and do not keep your eggs in one basket, unless you have talked about only seeing each other.


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7. The first guy you date isn’t necessarily going to be your husband.

Let things flow when it comes to dating, and don’t start planning your wedding after the first month. Relationships in college don’t have expiration dates, you aren’t going off to different colleges in a couple months, so take a step back and breathe. You have all the time in the world with this guy or girl so just enjoy the time you have together and let things develop over time.

8. Rekindling with high school exes.

I know many couples that broke up because of college and when things got rough in college, or they couldn’t find someone else, they tried to reconnect with their senior year boyfriend/girlfriend. Do not go back, you are still adapting to a new period of your life. Get to know yourself, join a new club or exercise class! Take time to understand what you need. Yes, having familiarity can be comforting during hard times but you are strong! Move forward not backward.

9. Knowing everything about them the first week.

When you meet someone in college you are starting from scratch. In high school you at least have some background on where they came from, who they hang out with, what their interests are, its surface level but it’s enough to get a perspective of who they are. In college, you have no idea who you are dealing with. It takes time guaranteed to get to know someone, to understand whom they are, where they came from, but it’s worth it. It truly is amazing to get to know someone and think, wow without college I never would have met you. Only downside is with a college like the University of North Dakota, the predominate part student body is from the Midwest, where even from North Dakota to Minnesota is quite the drive.


10. Walking to their dorm or house because of the distance.

Do not even count on this after Mid- November. The absolute biggest inconvenience is just being outside in general during the winter. A 5 minutes walk through 3 feet of snow and harsh winds can easily turn into 20 minutes. So bring a snowmobile and snow shoes (which people do, only in Nodak) to make for easier travels.

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