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What To Expect At Temple Transfer Orientation

What To Expect At Temple Transfer Orientation

Orientation is coming up, and many of us are eager to explore the university and get an idea of what it’s like to hang around Temple’s campus. However, some of us will have some questions or concerns about what happens at orientation, and where things go from there. Incoming freshmen and transfer students get to experience summer orientation, but the two groups don’t exactly go through the same thing. I still learned a lot despite the differences, and hope that some of my tips explain things a little better. Here’s what to expect at Temple transfer orientation.


1. No staying overnight.

Temple transfer orientation usually lasts a couple hours for one day, so in most cases, students don’t need to spend somewhere overnight.

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2. You pick your own classes.

On the bottom floor of Tuttleman, your group is taken into a computer room and each student sits down next to a computer. In the room are multiple instructors who have a PowerPoint presentation prepared for how the process works. There’s one instructor for each row of students sitting by the computers. They watch over you while you pick out your classes. While they expect you to have an idea of what you want to take and have enough credits, they’re right there if you need to double check on something or provide helpful suggestions.


3. You get a tour of the campus.

Even though some of the instructors assume that the majority of Temple transfer students have been on campus grounds, they still walk you through the entire campus. They explain where each building is and what that building is for. They also don’t mind if you’ve been on the campus a bunch of times but still have questions to where something is located.


4. You watch the consent video.

Temple tries to do whatever they can to press the importance of consent within the students. You watch the short but perfectly explained video, followed by statements on safety.
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5. You’ll get to check out the commuter lounge.

One of the many things people love about Temple is that there is something going on everyday – no matter what time of the day. Sadly, there are still some students who feel a bit lonely or struggle with meeting people, because not everyone was able to live in a dorm or off campus. During orientation, the instructors show us the commuter lounge. This spot is for transfer students and students who commute to meet other people and hang out.

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By the end of the day, orientation is over and students are free to go, but of course no one wants to leave, because Temple is an amazing university. There is something there for everyone; and to the incoming class, I wish you all the best of luck and that you have the best four years of your life on this campus!

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