What To Expect When Dating A College Athlete


Dating a college athlete is a little bit different than dating just any other college student. They’ve got obligations and priorities that can be hard for non-athletes to understand or appreciate. That being said, if you plan on dating a college athlete, it’s probably best to prepare yourself for what lays ahead, because it does take a little extra effort for these types of relationships to work. Here are 7 things to expect when dating a college athlete.

1. They have a limited amount of time.

From games to homework to other obligations, they’re going to be busy. Be understanding of the situation. You may not be able to go on dates all the time, but go ahead and see them when you can. Show your support by being at their events. Even better: wear their number on a shirt or painted somewhere on your body. Be their biggest fan!

2. They are really dedicated.

Playing sports for years has made them determined, mentally strong, a perfectionist, and a hard worker. They give everything 110% percent. Their passion sets them apart from the rest. They won’t give up on your relationship unless there is no other choice.



3. The love, love, love what they do!

You’ll probably find them playing sports outside of practice and games, just to clear their heads. If you find this happening often, why not ask them to teach you the basics of the sport? They’ll be happy to share their knowledge with you. Plus, even if you mess up, you’ll look adorable to them.



4. Sometimes they looks like a hot mess.

When they’re giving the game their all, it’s obvious that they’re going to be hot and sweaty. So if you’re going to give them a hug or kiss after the game, be wary of that. You’ll also see them at their grimiest. Yes, the uniform is attractive, but the bright red face and wet, moppy hair aren’t always…but you learned to love this when dating a college athlete.



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5. They get affection from other girls (or guys).

You’ll hear people in the stands talking about how hot #38 is. Maybe some will even try to talk to them after the game. Don’t throw a fit over that. I know that it’s easy to get jealous, but remember, everyone loves an athlete. Just know that you’re the lucky one they’re going to go home to after the game – out of all the other fans out there, they chose you!

6. Their life revolves around their sport.

And it may feel like they are always the center of attention, because of that. But don’t be mad because they are trying to make something of themselves. In fact, be impressed that they have their life together. At least they aren’t a clingy person with nothing to lose (trust me, there’s nothing worse than that). I personally don’t think that an SO should be the most important thing in your college years. If you’re looking to be pampered 24/7, dating a college athlete is not for you.



7. But they always need an escape.

You are their safe haven that takes them away from the flashing lights, huddle ups, and pressure. You are their special someone that helps them relax. It’s more than likely that they’re looking for a comfortable relationship where they can really be themself…away from the spotlight.

Any other advice for anyone dating a college athlete? Share in the comments!

Featured image source: theepochtimes.com