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Here’s Why Exfoliating Your Lips Is So Important

Here’s Why Exfoliating Your Lips Is So Important

If you have super dry lips that are always peeling and cracking, check out the reasons why exfoliating your lips is so important!

Exfoliating your lips, is something I think most people do not do enough of. Just like you exfoliate your skin to keep it healthy and silky-smooth looking, your lips need that same love and attention as well. So, if you don’t want chapped and dry ass lips, then continue reading.

Our lips get so many various liquid interactions on a daily basis that we don’t even notice. The food we eat, the drinks we drink, the people we kiss, the lipsticks and glosses we wear and so forth, are a few of the ways our lips are constantly attached to something. When you think about all the things you do with your lips, you would realize how exfoliating your lips is crucial.

Check out some of the reasons why exfoliating your lips is so important!

Why You Should Exfoliate Your Lips:

There are endless amounts of reasons why you should exfoliate your lips often. For example, exfoliating your lips will get rid of the dead skin on them, make them softer, reduce the fine lines that appear usually on the bottom lip and make them look exceptionally juicy and healthy. For us ladies, it’s especially important for us to exfoliate our lips because we put so many different lipsticks and lip glosses on them that can contain various different chemical ingredients.

I myself exfoliate my lips at least twice a week. I love how my lips feel so incredibly soft, smooth and extra plump. I use Sugar Lip Scrub by Fresh, that though quite pricey ($24), it is beyond divine for the lips. You literally don’t have to apply a lip balm after using it because it leaves your lips feeling like pure silk and gives them a nice shine as if you did have gloss on.

Check out some of the reasons why exfoliating your lips is so important!

How to Exfoliate Your Lips:

When you do exfoliate your lips, I would suggest doing so only twice maybe three times a week a max. Over exfoliating your lips can lead to you extremely chapping your lip’s skin and have your lips looking crazy as all hell. Always make sure that after you exfoliate your lips, to put on some type of nourishing lip balm that will help seal in the hydration and moisture on your lips. I would also suggest for the ladies, to exfoliate your lips prior to putting on a matte lipstick so that way your lip lines don’t show through the lipstick as much.

Check out some of the reasons why exfoliating your lips is so important!

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So, don’t slack on exfoliating your lips people! Remember, no one wants to kiss somebody with cracked and dry ass lips!

Are you going to try exfoliating your lips? Let us know in the comments below!

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