Exercises To Stay Fit While Traveling

Traveling is an adventurous time with many things to see and explore but can limit your ability to exercise. Not everywhere you go will always have an exercise room to get get your work out in. It should not stop you from getting your exercising in tho. Here are some exercises that do not require much equipment to perform so you don’t have an excuse.

Even without equipment, your body weight is all that you need to make the work out produce results. Warming up is just as essential as when you use equipment to when you do not use equipment. You do not want to hurt yourself, so warm up just like you normally would. There are 7 core muscle groups that can give you great exercise work out while traveling.


Abdominal workouts benefit the body in every aspect of your life. It can help keep your body healthy no matter what you do on a daily basis. Exercises that focus on the abs with strengthening you back, causing you to have less back pain and improve your posture, according to Andrea Boldt from Livestrong. The core is also able to strengthen your balance, helping when you do other exercises. Some abs workout exercises that you can do when you are traveling are sit-ups, bicycle crunches, reverse crunches, and elbow planks. These exercises require you to be on the floor. Adjust the workout with the number of reps, and remember to take breaks in between reps.

Tip: When doing an abs workout, you might want to bring a mat to do these exercises.

Exercises To Stay Fit While Traveling


Why are strengthening glutes so important??? According to Heather Hitchcock from Livestrong, glute exercises can prevent injuries to the knees, lower back, hamstrings, and groin. The exercise can work out your glutes and also increase and improve your athletic performance. Effective training can help with your ability to run, jump, and cycle longer by boosting the mobility and flexibility of your hips. This is according to Tamara Grand in an article called 5 Surprising Benefits of Training your Glutes. Squats, bridges, and side leg raises are a few exercises that can be done to strengthen your glutes.

Exercises To Stay Fit While Traveling


Exercises that focus on the tricep region help strengthen the movement of the arms and shoulders. The core muscle group exercised will help to prevent injuries. It is important to maintain the strength in your arms. By continuing to do these exercises when you go back to your exercise, the regiment will help keep your muscle tone. Making it a little easier to get back into the hard work when you get back to your more challenging exercises. A few exercises that you can do are tricep dips, push-ups, and punches.

Exercises To Stay Fit While Traveling


The bicep muscles are on the front of the arm and are important to exercises because they are used in a variety of different things we do throughout the day. Every time that you pick something up, you are using that muscle group. When you are trying to build a definition in your arms, exercising this muscle group is needed. Doing biceps exercises can be difficult to do while you are traveling. This exercise usually requires some equipment to perform. If you can find a place to do chin-ups, then you can exercise the muscle group effectively.

Exercises To Stay Fit While Traveling


Leg workouts help to strengthen the quad region on your body. Working out the legs is important because they are used in everything that you do. From just walking around and at the high functions of weight lifting, running, bike riding, and any other exercises that you rely heavily on your legs to do. Exercising the quad will boost the function of your legs by helping them grow. The growth of the muscle group will allow you to do more strenuous exercises without hurting yourself. As well as helping keep balancing the body. Lunges, high knees, plank jump-ins are just a few leg workouts that you can do to strengthen your quads. Pace yourself when doing these exercises because you are going to need your legs to get up again.

Tips: Make sure you pack your tennis shoes before you leave on your trip. Just because you are not in the gym doesn’t mean you still do not need to reduce your chances of falling. If anything, it becomes even more important.

Exercises To Stay Fit While Traveling

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The back supports a large part of the body. The back is made up of several different muscles that are responsible for having good posture. But also doing these exercises, you will be able to strengthen the muscle masses. Some exercises that you can do when you are traveling are supermans and alternating arm and legs planks. If you were able to find a place you could do chin-ups for your biceps exercise, then you already have a place where you can do some pull-ups to strengthen your back.

Exercises To Stay Fit While Traveling


The chest is the last of the 7 core muscle groups that you can exercise. The chest focuses on the pectorals, deltoids, and triceps when working out. It allows you to build muscles and strengthen the chest muscles. There are several different exercises that you can do while you are traveling, such as push-ups, clapping push-ups, shoulder traps, and chest expansions are just a few exercises that you can do.


Running or briskly walking when you are on vacation is one of the easiest ways for you to do cardio exercising while traveling. Cardio can help with keeping your heart strong without needing a lot of extra equipment. All you need is your tennis shoes. Then get moving. It is a great chance to see what is out there in the city you are visiting. You might just find a place that you might want to come back and explore later.

Just because you are traveling or have a lack of equipment does not mean that you have to give up on exercising. There are 7 muscle groups that you can still work out on the road. All you need to do is make an effort to do them. You can easily do a cardio workout, as well.

Exercises To Stay Fit While Traveling

What exercises do you think that you will do the next time you are traveling? Tell us in the comments!

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