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5 Exercises To Get The Best Booty Ever

Having a lifted and round behind seems to be all of the rave. You can not control your DNA makeup that decides where your fat falls, but you can control where you lose that fat and where you gain muscle! These 5 exercises to get the best booty ever will help you grow those glutes. Don’t forget to be doing your cardio and ab exercises as well because a small waste gives the illusion of a bigger rear!

1. Squats

Duh! This is an obvious one. It is so obvious though because it is one of the best exercises you can do to grow your glutes. These can be done in a variety of ways. You can use your own body weight, dumbbells, or you can lift weights. All of these variations are going to help that butt grow. The secret is  to continuously be adding weight. When you are not struggling and feeling that burn you are not lifting enough. Add on small amounts until you get to your desired weight. The more you do this the stronger you will become and the more weight you can lift. You can squat with your feet shoulder width apart or in sumo squat position with your feet father apart. This is going to target different areas of the glutes and benefit you in every way. Remember: keep your back straight, not being able to do as many reps but having good form is what is most important!

2. Lunges

This is another move you can do in a variety of ways, but they are all going to be beneficial. Whether you do your lunges with a resistance band, your own body weight, dumbbells, or a barbell you are going to grow that booty. As you gain muscle you need to continue to add weight or intensity to your workout. Make sure that your front knee stays on top of that ankle and your back knee never touches the floor even though it should come close to it! Another variation of this exercise is a Bulgarian Split Squat. For this you keep one foot up on the bench or another surface like your couch and lunge from there. This is really going to give you more of a challenge!

3. Donkey Kicks

This is a simple movement that requires no weight. Even though it is simple it is really going to target that backside and get you the best booty ever. Keep all four on the floor and keep that back straight. Do not arch your back or let it sink. Posture is key. If you want to add some intensity you can strap on some ankle weights, add a resistance band or tuck a dumbbell behind your knee and pump these out this way.

4. Fire Hydrant

These are very similar to donkey kicks, but instead of pushing that knee up, you are going to be pushing it to the side. This is really going to target your outer glutes. You can add ankle weights, a resistance band or a dumbbell to this move as well. This exercise also comes with some secondary advantages tightening up your core and strengthening those hips. This is really going to tighten and tone your backside and can be paired with the donkey kicks to give you the best booty by really lifting it.

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5. Barbell Hip Raise

This is an exercise that will give you the best booty without requiring much weight. There are several variations of this exercise. It can be done as intended with a barbell by continuously adding weight as you gain strength or it can be done as a lying hip raise that you lay on the floor on your back and lift your hips into the air with no weight. Either way you execute this exercise it is guaranteed to give you the best booty the more effort you put into it.

Let us know your results! Did these exercises get you the best booty ever? What other exercises have you found successful? Comment them below!

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