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10 Exercises To Do To Strengthen Your Arms

10 Exercises To Do To Strengthen Your Arms

We all love a good leg and booty workout but if you are like me and forget about your arms and upper body strength, these 10 arm exercises will help a girl out! Take this as a sign that it is possible to tone those bad boys up! Toning your arms can be something that you’ve been wanting to do for a while now. With these simple exercise you will be able to strengthen your arms in no time, giving your arms that definition that you have always wanted. Being motivated and sticking with these exercises is what will give you the results you are looking for. Persistence will be the key– you are only a few steps away from getting those sexy arms. You got this! 

1. Push-Ups 

Okay, I know that you see push ups and want to just keep scrolling to the next exercise but try this out! If you can’t do a regular push up then modify it to one on your knees. This motion will hit all the right muscles like the shoulders, chest, triceps, back and neck. Start off by just doing a few push ups and then you can eventually add a few more in everyday. 


2. Arm Circles

Arm circles are one of the easiest arm exercises that will make you feel the burn! Sticking your arms straight out to the sides and moving them in a circle rotation is the correct way to do this exercise. You can choose to do small or large circles and you can even switch halfway through and reverse the direction. Doing this will have your arms feeling great. If you have small weights you can use them here too. Weights are not necessary for this exercise but can add an additional challenge. Try doing this for a minute straight in each direction without putting your arms down and you will definitely start feeling a good burn. 

3.  Bicep Curls 

For this one you will want to add some sort of weight. If you have light weights or dumbbells, great! If not, you can always improvise! Find something around your house that is small and can add some weight. If you are looking to tone your arms, doing a few sets of these curls will definitely give you results. If you are feeling confident, you can add more weight everyday. This is such and easy exercise to do at home that will only take a few minutes out if your day. Your arms will be sure to feel toned and stronger after doing this one consistently! 


4. Shoulder Press

You can’t get sexy, toned arms without working out those shoulders as well! If you have a resistance band this exercise is perfect. You will need to step on the band and then lift the band from your chest to ver your head. This will have you instantly feeling the burn (a good burn, don’t worry). If you don’t have a resistance band, then you can also use weights for this. This is a quick workout that will strengthen your arms and give you the results you are looking for. Now blast some music and get to working out those shoulders! 


5. Resistance Side-To-Front Raise 

For this one, weights or a resistance band will do the trick. You will need to be standing and lift your arms from your sides to straight out, then bring them together in front of you. Do this motion repeatedly and you will start feeling your arms getting stronger. If you d not have any weights or bands, you can still do this motion for a longer amount of time and still get the same results!   

6. Tricep Extensions 

Tricep workouts will help get rid of the extra jiggle you have under your arms! For this one, you will want to bend over with a flat back and bent knees, holding a set of weights, you will want to extend you arms out behind your back. You will start to feel the burn in the back of your arms. Doing this exercise for a few sets is exactly what you will need to tone up your arms. 


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7. Tricep Dips

Now this one you will need a chair or couch. Weights and resistance bands will not be needed fo this one. This exercise is perfect if you are watching tv but want to get a workout in while watching. All you will need to do is sit on the floor in front of your chair or couch. Then put your arms up in the couch behind you and lift yourself up. Don’t let you butt hit the floor and keep lifting yourself up and down repeatedly. This will work so many of your muscles and strengthen your arms.


8. Plank

Planks are the ultimate challenge for some people. Doing planks works so many muscles throughout your whole body including your arms. Although this is a killer ab workout, your arms are getting toned from this as well. There are many types of planks and all are good for your arms! You can start by doing a plank with your arms fully extended and you back straight and then maybe try going down to your elbows. Holding planks for at least 30 seconds can eventually show you improvements in your arms and abs! You can even try a side plank and hold yourself up with one arm. This will focus the exercise to a certain part of your arm and abs. Planks are so beneficial and can help improve and strengthen your arms! 

9. Overhead Tricep Extensions

Here we are with another tricep workout. You will be needing just one dumbbell weight for this one. Lifting the weight about your head and then dropping it down slowly behind hour head. This will focus the workout to your triceps. You will feel your triceps working during this workout! As you keep raising the weight above your head this will start toning up those under arms. This is also a great arm and shoulder stretch to do. Your triceps will be feeling amazing after all of these workouts you have to do now! 


10. Arm Pulses

If you need to quickly slip in an arm workout during your busy schedule, arm pulses are the perfect exercise. No weights are needed for this one. All you will need to do is stretch your arms all the way out to the sides and then quickly pulse them up and down. Try holding your arms out like this for a minute straight. You will definitely be feeling the burn after a minute of this one! This will test your arm strength while working out your arm and shoulder muscles. This is a quick and easy way to strengthen your arms! 

If you have tried the arm workouts are are seeing results, let us know which ones you loved in the comments below! 

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