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8 Exercises For A Bikini Body This Summer

8 Exercises For A Bikini Body This Summer

8 Exercises For A Bikini Body This Summer

Whether you want to rock your bikini at the beach or on vacation, you can tone up your body with these 8 exercises or shall I say, miracle workers! But don’t get me wrong, these exercises are only meant to emphasize your already gorgeous body. Every body is so beautiful, and I want you to feel confident in your skin! Just use these 8 exercises to show off your amazing body this summer.

1. Rebound Lunges

Rebound lunges are great for toning up your thigh muscles as well as your calves! Just lunge forward with one leg, and lunge that same leg backwards and keep doing that until you feel a burn. Switch legs and do the same thing afterwards! It is key to keep going even though your legs start to burn, to get the most out of this workout.

8 Exercises For A Bikini Body This Summer

2. Split Squat

Let’s get that booty in shape people! For this exercise you need to jump outward into a squat position and reach for the ground between your feet, and then jumping back into your starting position. Do this for 15 repetitions, but pace yourself! Doing this fast will not work, but doing this motion in a paced, slower movement works better! Try to hold your squat position for a second or two before jumping back up!

8 Exercises For A Bikini Body This Summer

3. Shoulder Taps

If you want to tone your abs and also strengthen your arm muscles, this is the perfect exercise for you! First, start in a plank position. Tap your left shoulder with your right hand, and tap your right shoulder with your left hand. If you want to make this exercise more challenging, do a pushup after each shoulder tap set. Remember to keep your back completely straight, and try no to lift your butt up too high!

8 Exercises For A Bikini Body This Summer

4. Leg Raises

Bikini bodies are all about the abs! Although the name of this exercises is leg raises, it focuses mostly on your abs. Lie down flat on the ground on your back, and place both of your arms next to your body. Raise your legs straight up off of the ground, and lower them slowly without touching the ground. Repeat this movement 15-20 times to get the most out of it!

8 Exercises For A Bikini Body This Summer

5. T-Lunge Knee

Don’t be afraid when I say that we’re going to be multitasking with this exercise! We are going to work on your glutes as well as your abs! With this exercise, balance is key. Try your best not to fall over! Start off by standing on your right leg, and hugging your left knee to your chest while flexing your foot. Extend your left leg behind your hip, reaching your arms forward with your palms facing inwards. Repeat this 15 times, and do the same on your other leg!

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6. Starfish Crunch

This exercise is a fun one! Lie flat on your back with arms and legs extended out like a starfish. Release your inner Patrick Star! Next, raise your left arm and right leg off of the floor, bracing your abs and flexing them tightly, to keep your shoulders and hips in a square position. Lift your head, neck, and shoulders off of the floor, while your left arm reaches for your right leg. Make sure to keep every leg and arm straight even while reaching forward!

8 Exercises For A Bikini Body This Summer

7. Sprinter Hops

Now, let’s get your heart pumping! This will make your booty round, and fat burn off! Start in a running position, with the weight on your front foot, and your knee slightly bent. Keep your back straight, chest slightly up, and your fingers touching the ground on whichever side of your foot that you prefer, and the other leg bent behind you. Jump up, and bring the opposite foot forward. Repeat this for 30 seconds to a minute!

8 Exercises For A Bikini Body This Summer

8. Forearm Planks With Leg Lifts

I know some of you guys may think planks are the WORST but you’ll thank them later when you have gorgeous abs. Start in a plank position and make sure your elbows and forearms are under your shoulders. Alternate legs by lifting them straight up without bending them. Repeat this for a minute and you’re good to go!

Have you tried these exercises yet? Did these exercises help you tone up your muscles? Let us know in the comments down below!

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