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Exercise Tips Every College Student Should Follow

Exercise Tips Every College Student Should Follow

Classes, football games, parties, meetings, tests… college events are endless, and many students believe exercise cannot be penciled into a busy schedule. Well, in order to maintain a hectic lifestyle, you must take care of your body.


Exercise is not only for losing weight. It is important to workout to many other reasons:
– It Boosts energy
– It speeds up your metabolism
– You will feel more confident
– It can relieve stress
– It can strengthen your immune system


While all these reasons to exercise seem great, it is still hard to make that first step towards the gym. Here are three motivational tips to help you to make time for exercise:

Buddy Up.

3 Exercise Tips Every College Student Should Follow - Buddy Up


Girls never go anywhere alone and that includes the gym. A workout buddy will help you hold yourself accountable to not skip a workout session just because you simply don’t feel like it. Also, a workout seems easier with someone there motivating you to continue to push through the burn. More exercise routines are produced with two heads than one! With the help of a partner, thinking of new exercises is not so hard and ensures that it won’t be just another boring hour at the gym. Lastly, college gyms are often large and intimidating. With a friend by your side, confidence levels are higher, and nothing will stand your way.

Rise and shine.

3 Exercise Tips Every College Student Should Follow - Rise & Shine


Not only is the morning the most beautiful time of the day, but it is also the best time to workout. A morning workout boosts your energy level, so afterwards you feel ready to tackle the rest of your day. It also activates your metabolism. This helps your body process foods quicker, which allows nutrients to enter your bloodstream to help you stay awake during class, meetings, work, etc. A morning workout has the potential to make you feel great. The next time you reach for the snooze button, consider embracing the morning with a trip to the gym.

Start slow.

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3 Exercise Tips Every College Student Should Follow - Start Slow

If you’re not an avid gym attendant, then it is important not to push your body too hard during your first few trips to the gym. Pushing your limits too soon can cause injuries, such as pulled muscles and serious cramping. Ease yourself into working out by trying run/walk intervals on the treadmill, lifting lighter weights, or doing common exercises that are low on the difficulty scale. These can include crunches, push-ups, jumping jacks and more. Pinterest offers great, low-level routine ideas! Exercising is all about working your muscles, but you never want to endanger your body. A gradual increase in workouts will ensure results without doing harm.

Living a healthy, but busy college life can be fun, and you will feel extra productive. Exercise can help balance the activities that college throws at you, and could it potentially become a healthy habit you carry into your upcoming career lifestyle.



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