These 5 Exercise Apps Will Help Keep You In Shape When Its Too Cold For The Gym

Ah winter, or as we more affectionalty like to call it, sweater weather season! And while we can layer up with the best of them, we shouldn’t let our love of chunky knit sweaters or our significant other’s oversized sweatshirts deter us from keeping up with our fitness routines. Especially factoring in all of the delicious holiday meals were sure to eat! But how can we stay on track when it’s so cold you can’t make it to the gym? Take a look at these 5 exercise apps that will keep you sweating in the comfort of your nicely heated home!

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is a fitness app that blends yoga with other forms of fitness to keep you moving in new and creative ways. The app offers five different workout themes for you to choose from based on your goals. They offer Fatburn, Strength, Flexibility, Balance & Focus, and Breath & Relax. Pick a theme and stick to it, or mix and match to find what combination feels the best for your body.They also offer options based on duration or intensity. All of the workouts can be done at home, so the only equipment you’ll need is a yoga mat. Use the app to tone up, or zen out if you’ve had a particularly stressful holiday season. The fitness app is free to download and has a some free workouts available for everyone. If you want to unlock the entire workout library, you can pay annually ($58.99) or quarterly ($12.66).

Workout for Women

This fitness app is, you guessed it, designed specifically for women. Like the other exercise apps mentioned, there are several workouts that you can choose from based on your goals. They have a variety of categories that include 7 minute workouts, for when your in a time crunch, to beginner workouts, to workouts targeting specific areas of your body, i.e arms or butt. The workouts are easy to follow along, making your follow through that much easier! And while they have a category dedicated to 7 min workouts, none of their workouts exceed 20 min, making all of them quick and effective. And as an added bonus it’s FREE! You really have no excuse for not getting active!


Fitplan is an fitness app that offers dozens of different fitness plans designed by some of the top trainers in the industry. Each fitness plan is structured for the location of your workout, which makes it easy to search for all of the home workout plans they offer. They also let you know beforehand if any equipment is needed for the plan you’ve selected, giving you a little more options if you have some gym equipment at home. Search by trainer or by plan, and find the perfect plan needed to hit all your goals. You can even take it back to the gym once it warms up, and see what all of the gym plans have to offer. Fitplan has a 7 day free trial, and then you can choose to pay monthly ($15.99), quarterly ($44.99), or annually ($191.88).

See Also

Freeletics Fitness Coach

Freeletics fitness coach is an app that is run by personalizing and tailoring your workout, much like a personal trainer would. You start by answering a few questions,and taking a fitness test and then it will populate a training regime for you. The exercises in the app are all bodyweight exercises so you will never need any equipment. You will actually have to subscribe before viewing your plan. The fitness app gives you the option of choosing training and nutrition, or just the training, and you can choose from a duration of 3, 6, and 12 months. Prices vary depending on the duration and plan you choose. The subscription gives you access to other the Freeletics exercise apps, geared for the gym and running. If your looking for more individualized workouts, this may be your go to app!

The Fit Yogi Trainer

The FitYogi Trainer is a fitness app started by Instagram yogi Kenzie. She blends yoga and HIIT workouts to help you achieve the perfect workout. And let me tell you she KICKS YOUR ASS, in the best way. The workouts are already structured into a 30 day plan, each day will consist of a HIIT routine focused on either legs, arms and core, or full body, followed by a yoga flow, and yoga strength training drills. I did mention the ass kicking right?! You will follow this regimen 5 days a week and get a less structured workout for the 6th day. Your allowed a full rest day on the 7th day, you will need it! While this may seem a little daunting, Kenzie made sure to include modifications for beginners. Once you complete the 30 days, double back and repeat it, it’s exciting to be able to see your progressions! The fitness app is $59.99.

What are your favorite exercise apps? Will you try any of these exercise apps? Tell us in the comments!
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