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Exciting Movie Jobs For Those Interested In A Film Career

Exciting Movie Jobs For Those Interested In A Film Career

Starting a film career can be quite a challenge; fortunately, there are tons of movie jobs to help put you on the track. These jobs may not be permanent, but they could provide some film knowledge. Here are some exciting movie jobs for those interested in a film career.

1. Ticket Seller At A Movie Theater

Ticket Seller may be of a shock to you but don’t underestimate this movie job. When you’re selling tickets, you’re also getting the first-hand knowledge of how the box office works. Slow weekends at the box office probably means people aren’t interested in a particular new release. You know what sells and what doesn’t, so when you’ll making your first movie try to reflect on your days as a ticket seller. Plus, you’ll be able to get free tickets for yourself every once in a while.

Exciting Movie Jobs For Those Interested In A Film Career

2. Film Blogger

Film Blogging should start as a hobby before it becomes a legit movie job. If you have a passion for old cinema, then it might be helpful to compare and contrast today’s movies to the ones of the past. From there, you should start to notice how filmmaking as change since the days of Hitchcock and even Spielberg. Once you have a general sense of filmmaking, then start writing. Try writing movie reviews for your school, or if you have a personal blog, then write about a film every week. The main thing is to get your name out there and to start building your portfolio.

Exciting Movie Jobs For Those Interested In A Film Career

3. Production Assistant (PA)

As a Production Assistant, your job is to make sure that everyone who’s working on set is satisfied. It’s one of the most challenging movie jobs out there, but you’ll get to work on a movie set and probably meet some talented people along the way. The most important thing to remember is to stay positive and never say the words ‘I can’t.’ You’ll work long hours while running errands on set. The best quality anyone for the job to have is to be an excellent multitasker. No advanced degrees or training is necessary, but it does put you ahead of the pack if you do have some formal training or experience.

Exciting Movie Jobs For Those Interested In A Film Career

4. Student Assistantship

If you’re planning to head for graduate school, then it would help to land a student assistantship. A film student would benefit a lot with an assistantship because they’ll be able to work closely with a professor who has experience working in the industry or who has vast knowledge about filmmaking. What’s remarkable about one of these movie jobs is that you’ll get to communicate with your professor regularly, and soon you’ll start to make some connections. So for example, if you work for a professor who knows a scriptwriter or even someone who works at a movie studio, then they might connect you with them. Also, people in the film industry love it when someone has a passion for teaching others about how to make a film because it shows leadership and competence.

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Exciting Movie Jobs For Those Interested In A Film Career

5. Production and Costume Designer

Muck like a Production Assistant, Costume and Production Designers work closely with talented people on set. A Costume Designer has to define a character through the type of wardrobe they would wear. Costume Designers get to make the first impression of how the audience will view a role. After meeting with the Director and reading the script, the Designer will need time to research and create sketches. The Production Designer also works closely with the Director to create the visual of the film. Both of these movie jobs are great if you want to express your creative side while helping to help with the production.

Exciting Movie Jobs For Those Interested In A Film Career

What other movie jobs do you think are helpful to jump-starting a career in film? Comment below and be sure to share this around. Until next time.

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