Exciting Couples Games You Have To Play

Exciting Couples Games You Have To Play

It is important to keep things exciting and interesting, in any relationship. Romantic ones are no different! Whether you have been a couple for a month or a year, it is still important to keep things entertaining in your relationship. Now, if you do not know how to do that, then you are in luck. Games add conversation and fun to any night with friends. A game can spice up your night with your significant other as well! To give you some ideas, here are some exciting couples games you can play with your partner or significant other. Trust me, they are sure to spice up your evenings too.  

1. Trivia

One of the simplest couples games to play, that everyone knows and loves, is trivia. With trivia, you have limitless topics you can choose or decide on. When did you meet their parents? What is their favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Out of their friends, who did you meet first? What were they wearing the day you two met? What is one of their pet peeves? What do they put in their coffee? What is the name of their favorite lunch stop?  What is their favorite gift you got them? What is their signature position? The topics are limitless. The question is, do you really know your significant other, as well as you say you do?

2. Treasure Hunt

Like a scavenger hunt, but better. Leave some clues around your apartment or house, maybe a riddle or two, that will help guide your partner to the next one. Ultimately, leading to their “treasure.”  The treasure can be anything you would like it to be: a romantic dinner, jewelry, flowers, a new outfit, a diamond ring, or better yet, their favorite person. You! To make things more interesting, give your partner a certain amount of time to finish his or her hunt. If they find you before their time is up, they win. If they don’t, they lose and do not get the pleasure of receiving their treasure.

Exciting Couples Games You Have To Play

3. Write A Poem

Who does not like to receive a love letter, let alone a love poem? Whether it is romantic, funny, creative, or naughty. Anyone can write a love poem. It is just a matter of wanting to and knowing what you are going to say. Why not make a game out of it? Go through all of your magazines, together, and cut out interesting words. Once you have cut all your letters and words out, make a pile of them in the center of the room. Using the magazine letters and words, create a love poem for the other. The person who writes the dirtiest, funniest, most creative or romantic poem wins. Also, be sure to pick a category before writing your poems.

4. Couples Tic-Tac-Toe

Everybody knows the game, Tic-Tac-Toe. It is a childhood favorite! Switch it up to a couple’s version. Here is how you play. First, grab some pieces of paper and make cards out of them. Do not forget to mark them as an X or an O. After you mark your cards, write an intimate activity to complete, inside of them. Such as hugging, kissing, tickling, stroking their cheek, biting their ear, or licking their neck. Next, take a poster board and draw 9 boxes on it. When both of you choose your spot to put your cards, you both have to complete the intimate activity or action of your card to or on your partner. After you complete your intimate activity, you move on to your next turn. Whoever wins a round gets to decide where they go for their next date.

Exciting Couples Games You Have To Play

5. Eye Love You

This eye-catching game is exactly how it sounds, and yes, that pun was intended. In this game, couples will have the chance to put their staring skills to the test as they try and outstare their partner. The person who looks away first is the loser and must accept their punishment. The said winner of the game is the one who gets to decide what the loser’s punishment will be. Make sure your punishment is an exciting one. Taking off his or her shirt, to kiss you passionately, or to bake you something sweet. This game is stirring, especially for couples who have been together for a long time and are looking to restore their intimacy and passion for one another. 

Exciting Couples Games You Have To Play

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6. The Dice Game

The Dice Game is a little more on the intimate side. There are no winners or losers in this game. It is just a game of rolling the dice and seeing what happens. For this game, you will need a set of dice. Next, decide on what dice will be dice #1 and dice #2. After you have decided on your dice, be sure to remember action that correlates with each number.  Dice #1: 1-lick, 2-suck, 3-stroke, 4-massage, 5-tickle, 6-rub. Dice #2: 1-lips, 2-ears, 3-neck, 4-inside of things, 5-chest, 6-“private.” Whatever the dice lands on, you must do the action to your partner. Start rolling!

Exciting Couples Games You Have To Play

7. Dance With Me

Another game that is more on the intimate side of things, but in a sweet way. However, this game is more for a group of couples to play, rather than just the one. If you are able to make it a game for one, then let me know! For this game, all couples must dance on a tri-fold presentation board WITHOUT touching the floor. Every time the music transitions the tri-fold board must be folded in half, or folded over. The last couple dancing on their board without touching the floor wins. This is a great game to play, especially for couples who like to be close to one another. Standing there, dancing in each other’s arms, and moving to the music. Does anyone want to dance with me?

Exciting Couples Games You Have To Play

What type of games do you play with your partner or significant other? Let us know in the comments below.

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