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Exciting Activities To Do While In Pittsburgh

Exciting Activities To Do While In Pittsburgh

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Pittsburgh? Or are you looking for some places to go on your next visit? The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has so many exciting activities to offer! From exciting thrills to informational adventures, this list gives a sample of the Steel City of Pittsburgh!

Gateway Clipper

This magnificent clipper fleet is one way to get great views of Pittsburgh! Located in Station Square, the Gateway Clipper takes guests along the three rivers, giving guests great opportunities for picture taking.

But this cruise doesn’t have just one theme, but a variety of different themes to choose from. Informational, fun, dining, kids, and adults, the Gateway Clipper has something for everyone to enjoy! They even have options for private parties and weddings!


Most of their cruises are during the summer months but they do have some outside the season. Each cruise is different and some may run longer than others. You can check their website here to see what they have to offer. Most of their cruises do end after New Years and will not open till May.

Exciting Activities To Do While In Pittsburgh

Duquesne Incline

The Inclines are ways for people to view the city of Pittsburgh from top of the hill. There are two main inclines, the Duquesne and Monongahela Inclines, but the Duquesne Incline gives guests a great view of Pittsburgh from the top. The Inclines are cable cars, one climbs up the rail as the other climbs down at the same time.


The Duquesne Incline is located off of Lincoln Highway across from the Three Rivers. Once at the top, a small museum greets visitors, showing the history of the incline and what it was once used for. Outside the museum, there is a terrific view of Pittsburgh, giving it a prime picture-taking location.

Exciting Activities To Do While In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium

Located in Highland Park, the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium gives guests the opportunity to look at the various animals in the park. They are opened all year long but their hours differ depending on the season. During the summer months, they are opened from 9 AM till 6 PM, but in the winter months, they close two hours early.


Within the park, there are a variety of different activities for everyone to enjoy. Live encounters with animals, a kids’ area, and informational shows to teach guests about different animals and their habitats. There are indoor areas besides the Aquarium, and those areas close one hour before the whole zoo closes.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

In the middle of the Oakland neighborhood, lies the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. It is a world-class garden with over 15 acres of the beauty and wonder of nature. Within this conservatory, there are 23 distinct gardens and a 14-room glasshouse. They are opened every day and on closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Many different exhibits happen in the conservatory and some are seasonal. In December, the holidays come to life with various lights and other festive décor to decorate the gardens. They have a Halloween day in October where families can bring their kids in costumes to explore the gardens while having fun in the process. The conservatory is for everyone to enjoy and view the sights of nature.


10 Exciting Activities To Do While In Pittsburgh

Kennywood Park

Searching for excitement during your stay in Pittsburgh, Kennywood is the place to be! This amusement has a mix of classic rides and modern thrills, including seven roller coasters, a 14-ride Kiddieland, and several other attractions. For Thomas the Tank Engine fans, Kennywood has an area called Thomas Land where guests can ride the characters of the show as well as meet some of the engines!

Kennywood features Phantom Fright Fest during October as well as a toned-down Happy Hauntings for younger guests on the weekends in October. During December, Kennywood features Holiday Lights where the park is decorated in Christmas lights. Kennywood opens its doors for the summer season in May and lasting through late August which they then only open the park for certain events.


To check out Kennywood and what it has to offer, click here to see their hours and prices.Exciting Activities To Do While In Pittsburgh

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Carnegie Science Center

What’s not to love about science? Especially if you’re planning an educational and fun trip with your family! The Carnegie Science Center offers four floors of areas to explore, including exhibits of learning about the human body, robotics, and space, to name a few. Carnegie also offers limited special editions as the main feature!


Within the Carnegie Science Center, there are many interactive features for guests to play with! There are explore stations for young ones to play around and learn. There is also a miniature railroad and village, showcasing the life of western Pennsylvania from the 1880s to the 1930s. Carnegie houses the USS Requin Submarine, where guests can climb abroad and learn how the submarine was used! 

With so many exciting exhibits and activities to do, guests may find themselves spending the whole day there! Learn more by visiting this website to see their hours of operation and what special edition exhibits they’ll be hosting.

Exciting Activities To Do While In Pittsburgh


Point State Park

The Point State Park is located within the commonwealth area of Pittsburgh. It is a 36-acre park offering so much for visitors to do. People bike along the three rivers and from the park, visitors can see the various people out on the rivers kayaking, sking, boating, and other various water activities. 

As visitors walk closer to the three rivers, a fountain rests at the point, marking the spot where the three rivers meet. The fountain sprays water 15o feet in the air and if standing in the right, guests will get wet by the mist of the water.

The park is also where the Fort Pitt Museum is set up, to give the history of the fort to guests and visitors. The park hosts a lot of festivals and is even home to the lantern lighting festival! But this park is a great area to have a picnic out on a nice sunny day alongside the three rivers.


Which activity do you want to go to on your next adventure to Pittsburgh? Let us know in the comments below!

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