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5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At UC Boulder

5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At UC Boulder

Starting UC Boulder is going to be quite the experience! Here are five reasons why I'm excited to start in the fall. Check it out
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I grew up in Orange County, California. The OC is known for being the “OC Bubble;” we are sheltered and surrounded by money, money and more money. Most colleges I applied to were in California and just two were out of state applications: UW and CU. After getting denied and wait-listed to a few of my top schools, I started thinking more about UC Boulder. Towards the end of acceptance and rejection season, I visited UC Boulder and fell in love. The campus was exactly what I wanted and I realized I could get a traditional college experience here. I start school VERY soon, so here are the reasons I am excited to start at the UC Boulder!

1. Experiencing the outdoors at UC Boulder.

In Boulder, Colorado (BoCo), I can experience the outdoors like I never have before. Growing up in OC, I never really experienced seasons. In BoCo, I will experience the leaves changing colors and heavy snowfall. I am a few hours away from some of the best ski resorts in the world. There is awesome hiking super close to campus, which I am SO excited for.  If I want some gnarly hikes back home, I have to drive out of Orange County. At Boulder, it’s all at my fingertips.

2. I can become the “real me.”

With High School came drama.  I grew up with, and was friends with, the kids who happened to become the “popular group” in high school, leading to some not-so-fun, very unnecessary drama. I also felt immense pressure to conform to the typical OC girl: super materialistic, social media obsessed and narcissistic. No hate to all my OC girls, not all of ya’ll are like this. Now that I am starting a new chapter away from “the OC bubble” I feel a weight has lifted and I can become the person I truly am. Although I do love and value fashion and aesthetic feeds, that isn’t all that I am. I love dressing up at going out at night but during the day I love to run, cycle, climb and hike; a true outdoors (wo)man at heart.


3. Major.

I have longed for the day I would no longer have to take math and here we are. FINALLY. I am majoring in Environmental Studies, which only requires one “math” class, statistics; loved the science part of Environmental Science but was not willing to commit to the math. BEYOND stoked to get to study what I love rather than feeling like I’m wasting time in high school learning things that have nothing to do with my future.

4. Rushing a sorority & making new friends.

I have long awaited Sorority Formal Recruitment, also known as rush.  I am (hopefully) going to get into a sorority that fits me well and find “sisters” that will be lifelong friends. Overall, I’m excited to meet new people and make friends who have the same interests as me. There are so many opportunities to meet people from classes, clubs, sports, dorms and sororities; there is someone for everyone.

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Can you think of any other reasons to be excited to start UC Boulder?! Comment below!
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