Everything You’ll Ever Need In Your Dorm Room

Even though summer has just begun, it’s never too early to plan your dorm room for the fall. If you’re going to be a freshman this year, you have all the more reason to want to get a head-start on your dorm decor. Look no further for tips on decorating! Here’s everything you’ll ever need for your dorm room, guaranteed to last you till graduation:

1. Fun (And Comfy!) Bedding

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As a college student, you’ll be spending more time than usual in your bed. For some reason, I find myself taking twice the amount of naps now than in high school. I blame the heavy workload and late nights out for my exhaustion. Not only will you want a bed that’s comfortable, but you’ll also want it to look cute. In that case, I recommend checking out Urban Outfitters Home, Target, and Pottery Barn for stylish and nap-approved bedding. I personally love the selection at Urban Outfitters, but Target has much cheaper options. 


2. Heating Pads

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This might sound like a strange item to add to your list, but trust me, you’ll need it in your dorm room. Heating pads are a great remedy against cramps and headaches. In college, you’re bound to get a ton of headaches from excessive homework, screen time, and drinking. The best part about heating pads is that they feel like a warm hug. I don’t care that I’m 21—I love my Warmie. For those of you that don’t know, Warmies are a stuffed animal and a heating pad in one. They smell like lavender and are just so, so sweet.

3. Storage Bins

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Storage bins are a pretty obvious must-have for your dorm room. With most dorm rooms being on the smaller side, you’ll want to maximize the space you have. Under the bed and desk storage will come in handy, especially for storing snacks, clothes, and other miscellaneous goodies. My favorite way to organize my items is by using a colorful milk crate. The ones I found on HAY are collapsable, affordable, and perfect for organization and decor. It might also benefit you to have a place to display your shoes. I use a hanging shoe organizer that goes in my closet, but a small shoe rack also works.

4. Blackout Curtains

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No one wants the sun to interrupt their sleep. A lot of colleges don’t provide curtains, so it’s up to you to find a good, durable set. Better yet, you should try to find blackout curtains. Blackout curtains will shield the sunlight away, as well as make it so that people can’t see inside your room. When you’re watching a movie at night, blackout curtains also help create the perfect ambiance. 


5. Mini Fridge

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Truth be told, communal kitchens are nasty. When you’re sharing a space with an entire dorm building, I guess that’s to be expected. To save yourself from a trip to the kitchen—and to make sure no one steals your snacks—it’s always good to keep a mini fridge in your dorm room. If you’re a neat freak like me, you can even buy fridge organizers so nothing gets lost in the back. Usually beds in dorms are lofted, offering the perfect place to store your fridge. Under your desk works, too. I always make a kitchenette out of my mini fridge, keeping my microwave and silverware on top of it.

6. Wall Decor

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The best way to spruce up any dorm room is to decorate the walls. Obviously, you can hang up posters, photographs, tapestries, or whatever else it is you want to display. For all of our artsy readers out there, I recommend going to a museum and scanning the gift shop for prints. I was lucky enough to find a book of Matisse posters, and they’ve lasted me a while. I love making collages out of the art I find at museums! A small print at an art museum gift store is typically $1-$5, but of course, you can opt for a bigger poster, too. To save money, I also suggest looking on Etsy for downloadable posters. Buy it, print it, frame it…it’s that easy!

7. A Memory Of Home

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At some point in your college career, you’ll be struck with the realization that you’re on your own. Homesickness ensues from there. To keep home close to you, bring a cherished item that you associate with it. For instance, every year of school, I bring my ratty teddy bear that I’ve had since I was a baby. If you don’t want to have a baby blanket or moldy stuffed animal in your room, you can always just bring pictures of your family and hometown friends. Whatever you choose to pack will comfort you throughout your homesickness. 

8. Throws

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Throw pillows, throw blankets…whatever has “throw” in the name, you need for your dorm room. I go to school in Connecticut, so in the wintertime, any extra blankets are welcome. Throw blankets are useful in the colder seasons and a great way to liven up your space. I got mine from Urban Outfitters, but they aren’t hard to find. Go to any department store and you’ll find aisles and aisles of throw blankets and pillows. Play around with shapes, colors, and textures!


9. And lastly…shower shoes

No explanation needed. Just go. Get them. You’ll thank me later. Crocs will do the trick, though they can collect water from the shower. Your best bet will be cheap, faux-Birkenstocks from Target. I’ve had mine for ages and they hardly have a dent in them. They’ve saved me from hairballs in the communal showers, stepping on *mysterious* bathroom liquids, and so much more. This might just be my #1 recommendation on this list.

There’s no reason to stress over what to bring to school. Decorating your dorm is half the fun of starting college. Just think about what will make both a practical and stylish addition to your dorm room! 

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Feature image source: https://pin.it/1yqSHHv