Everything You Should Know About This Season Of Big Brother

We’ve only been waiting all summer, but Big Brother season 21 is finally here! All 16 contestants in the house are battling it out to win the $500,000 prize. Who will come out on top? Watch for yourself every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night. As for now, here is everything that you need to know about this season of Big Brother!

B.B. Camp

Every year, Big Brother has some sort of theme that ties in with the house’s atmosphere and this year it is camping. If you have already begun watching the show, then this element is quite obvious. Not only does the house look like a campground, but many of the competitions hosted by Big Brother carry that theme as well. Hopefully, the contestants do well with this theme!

Everything You Should Know About This Season Of Big Brother

Camp Comeback

Don’t luck out on second chances! Big Brother usually hosts some sort of comeback competition and this year, they have made it interesting. The first four evicted houseguests will have the chance to make their way back into the game. The first three evicted houseguests will be sentenced to camp comeback; they will continue to live in the house but they will be alienated (to a certain extent).

Once the fourth player is evicted, the camp comeback competition will proceed. The winner of camp comeback will continue their Big Brother journey, while the remaining three will be officially evicted from the game.

Everything You Should Know About This Season Of Big Brother

Two Contestants Already Knew Each Other

Something seems all too familiar here. Apparently, it was confirmed that two contestants on this season of Big Brother already know each other. It turns out that Christie and Tommy have some history; Christie dated one of Tommy’s relatives for seven years… how interesting. Hopefully, they don’t spill the beans on this one, because if they do it could ruin their game.

Everything You Should Know About This Season Of Big Brother


During the two-night premiere, Julie unveiled the whacktivity competition, where a game-changing twist was unleashed on the house. During the first three weeks, five house guests participated in a competition to win a special power in the house. The players that one their whacktivity competition was Ovi (nightmare power), Jack (chaos power), and Christie (panic power).

Nightmare power: This gives Ovi the ability to call a new nomination ceremony if used this would cause the head of the household to nominate two new nominees. Chaos power: During the veto ceremony, Jack has the ability to force a re-draw of the players picked to participate in the veto competition. Panic power: during the next four veto meetings, Christie has the power to turn the golden power of veto into the diamond power of veto, which means that its holder can pull a nominee from off the block and rename a replacement nominee.

Talk about a lot of power!

Everything You Should Know About This Season Of Big Brother

The Contestants Get Paid

There are three reasons as to why people decide to star in the Big Brother reality series – money, fame, or just they are just a huge superfan. Unlike most reality shows, these contestants actually get paid for staring in this summer show.

It is unclear clear as to how much exactly the contestants get paid, but according to a contract that was obtained by Reality Blurred, contestants get somewhere around $750 a week. However, contestants of the show must remain active in the game in order to get paid, so once a contestant is evicted, they no longer receive payment.

Everything You Should Know About This Season Of Big Brother


The game just started, but alliances have formed. The first alliance that formed in the house was called, Gr8ful, which consisted of Jackson, Jack, Nick, Isabella, Christie, Tommy, Holly, and Analyse. The Gr8ful alliance couldn’t keep mum about their alliance around Sam, so they were forced to create a nine-person alliance that included Sam called, Und9able.

The majority of the Gr8ful alliance decided to transform their eight-person alliance into a six-person alliance called, six-shooters, which consists of Jackson, Jack, Tommy, Christie, Holly, and Analyse; sorry Nick and Bella, they’re better off without y’all, I guess. There’s a lot going on in this house and we’re only a few weeks in.

Everything You Should Know About This Season Of Big Brother

Are you a fan of Big Brother? Who is your favorite contestant on this season of Big Brother, let us know in the comments below!

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