Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Wax, Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Waxing, sounds more painful and awkward than the process truly is. With swimsuit season, here, it is not uncommon for women to want to be clean and sleek down there. Normal razors cause harsh and irritated bumps. Ask anyone who shaves everything down there, it can be a pain in the butt. No pun intended. When people think of Brazilian waxes, the pain and the awkwardness come to mind. There is a stigma around Brazilian waxes. Many people are very under educated on the topic.  If considering getting waxed there are several things to know before deciding to try it out yourself.

1. Is There Any Reason To Be Nervous?

Professional Estheticians perform brazilin waxes all the time! It is not uncommon to feel nervous before getting your first wax. It can be uneasy knowing that someone will be seeing your private parts, but keep in mind this is their job. They get paid to do this daily. Since it is their job, they will keep it professional. Remember this is not their first rodeo, despite this potentially being yours. Find comfort in the fact that they are professionals, and will remain professional while on the job.

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

2. How Do I Prepare For A Wax? 

Let the hair grow out. This is an important touch! The hair needs to be around half an inch long. This way the wax can stick to the hair better, and therefore getting a fresher wax. Do not shave before going in to get the Brazilian wax. It is typical to want to tidy up down there before having someone see it, but not this time! It is okay for there to be hair; estheticians see it all the time. Make sure to exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells.

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

3. How Bad Is The Pain?

The pain is different for everyone. It depends on the person’s pain tolerance. Some people think that the pain is unbearable, while other’s think getting a Brazilian wax is a walk in the park. The pain is not as bad as you would think. The estheticians will walk you through it. They will let you know when it may be a more painful area. If worried about the pain take Advil before going in for the appointment. The Advil will then be in your system prior to the pain.

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

4. How Much Does A Brazilian Wax Cost?

The costs vary depending on the salon. Some are pricier than others. The typical Brazilian wax is anywhere from $50.00 to $120.00. Be prepared to pay more than when getting an eyebrow waxing. More work goes into the Brazilian wax, than other waxing procedures. Be prepared to tip as well! A good tip reference is 15% or more.

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

5. Is It Normal To Have Irritation After A Brazilian Wax?

It is totally normal to have irritation. Do not freak out if there is redness. The irritation will go down with time. Following the proper personal care after the procedure is important, and will help reduce redness and inflammation. Bleeding is normal. Some people bleed, not everyone, but do not be shocked if it happens. The salon typically will offer after care products. Check these out.

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

6. After Care?

After care is super important! Take good care of the freshly waxed area once getting a Brazilian wax to avoid ingrown hair and irritation. It is important to exfoliate the area a day or so later. Avoid having sex, working out, swimming, or taking a bath. To bath try taking a shower. Avoid heat for a few days. The area should remain dry. Sweat or moisture can lead to more irritation for the area. Try wearing a dress or bottoms that are loose. Do not to suffocate the area. Wearing loser clothes will help decrease skin irritation. Once again, consult your esthetician about what after care products to purchase to help avoid irritation. This will help tremendously.

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Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

7. Is Waxing Okay If On Medication?

Using hot wax is not recommended if being put on certain acne medications. Acne medications make the skin more sensitive. When wax is applied, it can then lead to irritation, or even worse stripping the skin. If taking Accutane, it is recommended to wait up to a year before waxing due to skin sensitivity. Besides acne treatments, there are other medications and treatments to be aware of before scheduling an appointment for a waxing. If on retinol, blood-thinning medications, Rosacea medication, psoriasis, and eczema treatments. If pregnant or on any medication contact your physician just to be on the safe side.

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

8. How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Last?

The average Brazilian Wax can last anywhere from a month to a month and a half. How long it last depends on several factors. For a first timer getting a Brazilian wax, the results will last a shorter period than those who go monthly. For regulars, the hair grows back slower. Hair regrowth can also depend on how quickly an individual’s hair grows. This can be quicker due to age and hormones.

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

Lastly, the biggest take away should be to get a Brazilian wax for the correct reasons. Waxing can be wonderful since it eliminates shaving almost completely if staying up to date on appointments. Remember it is perfectly natural to have pubic hair. Everyone gets it. There is no need to be embarrassed of the fact that you have pubic hair. Get a Brazilian wax because you want to! Take your time and do your research about proper after care. Go to a trusted salon in the area. This is will make the process go one thousand times easier. Finding a good salon that follows the proper procedures can reduce irritation afterwards.  After trying a Brazilian wax, and if you think this is the route to go for you try finding a trusted esthetician. Being comfortable with an esthetician can make the process less awkward. If someone is going to be all up in your business, it helps to at least be comfortable with them. It is okay to be nervous about the process! If getting a Brazilian wax is to nerve wrecking now, maybe try a bikini wax. A bikini wax is like the Brazilian wax’s little sister.

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