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Everything You Need To Know About Virginia University

Everything You Need To Know About Virginia University

Virginia University promotes the higher learning of its students and faculty, they build on the diversity and ranking of their numerous academic programs, research facilities, and commitment to the arts. If you’re not sold on going to this well-distinguished school, here are a few things to know before you make that big decision.

Virginia University has always fostered close mentoring relationships between students and faculty. They improve upon the longstanding approach by pairing it with meaningful opportunities for development, including career advising, internships, cross-disciplinary research initiatives, and fellowships.


If you plan on becoming the next Rembrandt, Picasso, or Van Gogh, Virginia University might be the school for you. Arts are a central part of the UVA mission statement, they offer access to world-class art and performances at historic Old Cabell Hall, the Ruth Caplin TheaterThe Fralin Museum of Art and Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection. Through UVA Arts and signature events, such as the Virginia Film Festival, the University cultivates a vibrant community that promotes creative expression and unites artists and performers across the Commonwealth, nation, and world. Virginia University also offers an immense curriculum designed around creative writing, music, and architecture.



If you’re a person who gets bored easily, take your pick; Virginia University offers a various amount of activities to keep you busy during your time. Offering clubs like; chess, dance, and joining sororities, UVA definitely will keep you busy. Greek organizations have a strong history of service and partnership within the UVA community and the larger community in which we live. Today’s fraternities and sororities provide a diverse range of personal growth opportunities for an equally diverse group of University students.

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The one source that can both “make you” or “break you” but in this case, we’ll look at the positive. Virginia University has 12 libraries, “like 12” all meant to provide you with the best resources to educate you on whatever the topic maybe, I’m not kidding they have a library for math, science, music, and the list goes on. The University of Virginia Library is a vital resource for students, faculty, and scholars worldwide. With several major facilities, labs and programs the Library offers critical support to academic endeavors at UVA and beyond.


At its heart lies Alderman, a sprawling complex housing works in the humanities and social sciences. Beyond that, Clemons—a destination offering 24/5 study access—offers resources in film, television, drama, and dance as well as tutoring and advising services. And interspersed throughout Grounds lie other facilities specializing in music, science and engineering, chemistry, astronomy, fine art, American history, mathematics, and physics. The University also hosts the renowned Albert & Shirley Small Special Collections Library, a signature collection of 16 million objects including manuscripts, archival records, rare books, maps, broadsides, photographs, audio, and video recordings. In addition, there are libraries serving the Darden School of Business, the University Health System, and the UVA School of Law.



The idea of college is to make you feel more independent, or “adulting” as some may say. In your first year, you begin your UVA experience in on-Grounds housing, much of which has just been renovated, expanded or built. Centrally located, student residential communities are in close proximity to state-of-the-art fitness centers, contemporary dining facilities, and virtually all academic classrooms.


You can also live in one of UVA’s residential colleges, close-knit communities that foster social and intellectual interaction between faculty and students of all years. These include Brown College, Hereford College and the International Residential College (IRC). Virginia University provides the ultimate experience of preparing you for life after college, and buying a home, pretty sure that’s on the agenda.

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Orientation & New Student Programs (ONSP), a unit of the Office of the Dean of Students, assists first-year and incoming transfer students in making a successful academic, intellectual, and social transition to the University. New student orientation and Family Weekend are just some of the programs and initiatives designed to strengthen students’ connection to the University. As a new visitor this is the first initial meeting for all newcomers, be prepared for a bunch of souvenirs, Boylan welcome, and everything you’ll need to be a student.

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Virginia University has identified five priority areas that represent major societal challenges: Democracy, Environmental Resilience and Sustainability, Precision Medicine, the Brain and Neuroscience, and Digital Technology and Society. In each area, they will take a coordinated approach through institutes, centers, and labs to amplify the impact of their faculty’s work. University Health System is critical to the University and its mission.

As an integral part of the University, many of the goals that follow apply to the Health System, just as they apply to all of the schools, including recruiting and supporting outstanding students, faculty, and staff; enabling path-breaking research that improves lives; creating an inclusive community of trust; and being a strong partner and a good neighbor to Charlottesville. At the same time, the Health System is sufficiently large and complex that it will develop its own strategic plan that will build on these goals and include others necessary for its success.



Diversity stands with ethics, integrity, and academic excellence, as a cornerstone of University culture. Virginia University promotes an inclusive and welcoming environment that embraces the full spectrum of human attributes, perspectives, and disciplines. When people of different backgrounds come together, they exchange ideas, question assumptions (including their own), and broaden the horizons for us all. Virginia Universities’ community is rich in diversity affords every member equal respect and provides a forum for understanding our differences as well as our commonalities.

Virginia University encompasses twelve schools in Charlottesville, as well as the College at Wise in Southwest Virginia. Not including the College at Wise, the University employs nearly 30,000 people, including approximately 16,000 faculty and staff, and approximately 12,000 Health System employees.

In 2019, the University was ranked the No. 3 best public university by U.S. News & World Report. In the 20 years since U.S. News began ranking public universities as a separate category, UVA has ranked in the top three and continues to rank in the Top 30 among the best of all national universities, public and private.


Also, Virginia University ranks as one of the highest in-hospital specialties that being the strong commitment to the academic medical center, and outstanding patient care.