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Everything You Need To Know about Rothy’s, The New Shoe Store on Newbury Street

Everything You Need To Know about Rothy’s, The New Shoe Store on Newbury Street

Everyone loves to feel as though they are doing something to help the planet, but often many do not know how. What if I told you could contribute to the saving of the planet simply by shopping for shoes! Doesn’t sound real, does it?

Well, believe it or not, Newbury Street will soon be the holder of the popular eco-friendly shoe store, Rothy’s. Rothy’s is known at it’s various other locations for it’s sustainable shoe collection and stylish selections!

Here is everything you need to know about Rothy’s, the new shoe store that will be located on Newbury Street:


What Is Rothy’s?

Rothy’s is a new and upcoming shoe store that is marketed for the working women. These stylish shoes are made from entirely recyclable material and stand out for their sustainability. Rothy’s owned and operated factory is located in Dongguan, China and sets the standard for sustainable, responsible manufacturing. The making of these shoes leave absolutely NO WASTE, and they are handcrafted to create Rothy’s signature style and comfort.

Rothy’s believe that beautiful, sustainable style is the way of the future. They believe strongly in building relationships with their customers and watching their customers engage with one another over shared experiences, values, and the love of the product.

What Are Rothy’s Made Out Of?

Rothy’s are made entirely out of plastic water bottles. Rothy’s has recognized that every minute, one million plastic water bottles are sold globally, and 91% of the world’s plastic does not get recycled. By knitting the uppers of their shoes from recycled plastic water bottles, Rothy’s diverts waste from landfills every day and lets their customers look great while doing it!


Rothy’s are also made out of other sustainable materials including Merino wool (harvested from an Australian farm and crafted at a sustainable Italian mill), Eco-friendly outsoles (one made with carbon-free rubber, and the other using luxe vegan leather), and recycled foam insoles (made with bio-based castor oil and recycled materials).

Why Do People Love Rothy’s?

Women and children love Rothy’s because of their large variety of styles and colors. They also adore this brand because of their incredible comfort. It is not often that people can find a shoe that embodies all fashion, style, and comfort in one.

Rothy’s are versatile and convenient. While they are made for comfort, you can still wear them to dress up events. These shoes can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit you choose to go with them. You can also select one of the various makes such as their Chelsea boot or their Flat to complete the perfect look for the occasion.


What Are The Hours?

The store will be open from 10am to 6pm on weekdays and Saturdays. It has not yet been determined what time the store will be open on Sundays, but the hours will not be the same as weekdays.

When Will The Store Open?

Rothy’s is currently being constructed on Newbury Street and is scheduled to open soon on January 13th, 2020. However, this date is tentative and may not be the exact open date.

What Are The Styles?

The shoe styles at Rothy’s consist of various types of flats, such as pointed, rounded, stitched, honeycomb, solid, printed, and plaid flats. They also carry stylish loafers which consist of various colors and styles, including both printed and solid colors. Rothy’s also has their own version of the Chelsea Boot, which also comes on a large variety of colors and styles. At Rothy’s, there is something for everyone, and you are sure to find a  shoe thats fits your style perfectly.


Who Wears Rothy’s?

There are many Celebrities who, like everyone else, love the comfort and style of Rothy’s shoes. Some celebrities who have been photographed wearing Rothy’s shoes are Meghan Markle, Gigi Hadid, Michelle Obama, Mandy Moore, Ivanka Trump, and Katie Holmes.

What Size Should You Order In Rothy’s Shoes?

Rothy’s sustainable shoes are supposed to fit true to size. However, some customers prefer to size up in the pointed flat shoe because of the shape of the toe.

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Rothy’s shoes do not have a break-in period. Meaning, you do not need to wear Rothy’s shoes for a significant amount of time in order for them to fit your foot perfectly. They should fit perfectly the first day you buy them, which is a part of their appeal. These shoes will also not stretch out like shoes of similar brands.

The Rothy’s sneaker may begin to have some slight give when being worn inside. The sneaker also has enhanced comfort due to the addition of the midsole, which the other shoe styles do not have.

How Do You Care For The Shoes?

Rothy’s, unlike many other shoe brands, are completely machine washable. This is a huge draw to the shoe because it makes them easier to clean and keep clean! You must wash the shoes in cold water and remove the insoles before washing. Use mild detergent and let the shoes air dry after they are washed.


Rothy’s do not do well in heat. This includes warm water, dryers, and outside heat (Do not put the outside to dry). This is when warping and shrinking occurs, and you are going to want to avoid both of those things in order to keep your shoes clean and pristine!

Can Your Family Wear Rothy’s?

While Rothy’s does not yet carry a mens collection, the kids collection is essentially universal. The Rothy’s kids collection is stylish, comfortable, and affordable for growing kids that are always on the go!

The colors of the kids collection are extremely versatile. You can buy plain for the children who don’t enjoy bright colors. And for those who love to stand out and get crazy with their fashion, their endless options for bright colors, designs, and prints!


Is there anything else you would like to know about this new eco-friendly shoe store? Comment below and tell us what you would like to know about Rothy’s!

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