Everything You Need To Know About Prom Night Sex

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Prom Night typically is where you would think according to the movies revolving around prom night is the night of sex. Prom night equals prom night sex, and if that is something that you’re nervous about, or what to know how to help others, just keep reading.

Movies Perception Of Prom Night Sex

There are too many instances where movies continuously hype up having sex during your prom night. Sex is much more talked about and the subject of the night, than actually spending the night with your friends and date.

Movies have corrupted the act of sex and have normalized it to something more than what it really is. It could be because the kids are just kids, they are transitioning into young adults and some never experienced anything sexual, such as a kiss, so I don’t really blame them.

But what they have to realize and comprehend is that movies are just movies, it’s a projected notion or presumption that they are pushing. With doing this, it creates for viewers to believe that prom correlates to sex and that there is a chance that it will happen that night if no other day.

Everything You Need To Know About Prom Night Sex

Hook Up Culture

The hookup culture is real, it’s introduced as a gateway when you’re in High school. High school is the stepping grounds where you introduced and taught about safe sex, the importance of getting yourself tested for STI’s and STD’s.

High school teaches students if you’re going to have sex, do it correctly where both parties are not jeopardizing their health is preventing pregnancy. There is nothing taught denouncing having sex and being absentee. It’s encouraging to have sex, they pass out condoms, they assist with providing girls with birth control options, which is promoting the hookup sex culture.

Everything You Need To Know About Prom Night Sex

Night Before Prom

It’s the night before prom and you and your friends are excited about what the night is going to bring. You talk to them about what might happen, the plans that you hope will happen and you ask for a few tips and some advice.

  • Make sure that you are fresh and clean
  • Don’t be pushy and thirsty
  • Make sure you get consent from both parties involved
  • Don’t consume alcohol, if do drink responsibly
  • Use protection

Everything You Need To Know About Prom Night Sex

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Night of Prom

So it’s the night of the big night, PROM! You go off, meet your date, your nervous, you indirectly hit it is going to happen later on and they say yeah. The night goes on and everything is going smoothly, you guys are enjoying each other’s company, laughing, dancing and then one of you decides that they are not sure if they want to have sex anymore.

LOL, you bummed and is questioning what the reason is and they say, “I’m just not sure if I’m up for this. I thought I was but as the night gets closer to the end, I get nervous”. You tell them it’s okay don’t worry, it happens, and you get a kiss at the end of the night.

Everything You Need To Know About Prom Night Sex

Prom Sex??

The reality of it all is that the night of prom sometimes doesn’t work out as planned. Prom night sex happens very rarely, and if it does then lucky you.

Prom night is a night to enjoy those around you, their company, their presence, so even if you are not getting no sex, you still shouldn’t allow that to deem your night. Remember the night, relieve it and appreciate what you were able to experience.

Prom Night Sex is a completely false reality of what actually occurs the night of prom. Comment down below if you agree with my points.

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