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Everything You Need To Know About Mental Health Resources At Auburn

When you go to college it can be hard. There are a lot of changes you may not expect to bother you, such as not seeing your family/friends every day, not waking up at 6 a.m. each morning, or even something as small as eating from that same McDonald’s on your way to school. But these things do affect each of us. No one has a heart made of steel and it is completely okay to go get help when you don’t know what to do. This article will be mostly addressing the AU Student Counseling Services.

1. Traditional Counseling

The AUSCS provides a FREE counseling service offered to ALL Auburn students, undergrad or grad, everyone is welcome. They offer two types of counseling, brief individual sessions and group counseling. For individual sessions, each student is given 10 sessions (only used at the discretion of the student) each academic year. Each student is handled on a case by case basis, and while some will never use those 10 sessions, other students will use them all, and maybe add more if the doctor believes you need more. This is discussed with each student if there is a possibility.

They also offer group counseling if you’re not comfortable being alone or you feel like you need an opinion from your peers. They offer a wide array of counseling groups for any need you could possibly think of, dealing with death, stress and depression, etc. If you prefer the traditional style then take advantage of these opportunities.

2. Animal Therapy

Do you like dogs? A lot of people do and for many just being able to pet a dog can make their day better. Because of this the SCS offers “Let Loose with Moose”. On Thursdays from 4-5pm (subject to change, please check the website linked at the bottom of this article for the most up to date information). There anyone can come and pet/play with Moose, Auburn’s certified therapy dog. When scheduling appointments, you can also request to have Moose there if he is available.


3. Zen Den

If you’re waiting for your appointment, or just need some peaceful alone time, then the Zen Den is for you. They offer biofeedback therapy, a massage chair, light therapy, and more. Just call and schedule an appointment for it.

4. Eating Disorders

The SCS recommends going to see them so that they can offer a recommendation to your doctor to give you the ability to see a dietitian and licensed Psychologist so that you can escape the bonds of an eating disorder.

5. Safe Harbor

This is for people suffering/who have suffered from sexual harassment, abuse, stalking, or other similar crimes. It is a 24/7 service that offers advice on how to handle the situation and an ear to listen, but they will not act on your behalf. They will help you get the help you need, but only if you want help. If all you want to do it talk then that is fine. If it is an emergency please call 911 and not Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor: (334)844-7233

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Auburn University has so many resources for everyone, whether you need someone to tell about your terrible day, or to assist you while battling depression. Don’t be afraid to seek that help. Auburn will work with you to help you get better, not against you.

AUSCS: (334)844-5123 or

The AU Student Counseling Service resources are available 24/7 for a reason, don’t be nervous to reach out! Share your experiences with them in the comments below!
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