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Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Microblading

Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Microblading

Need to know about eyebrow microblading these seven tips? Eyebrow microblading can be costly. Find out the best microblading options for you and your brows

Eyebrow Microblading. The Fad that’s sweeping the world. No seriously. From  South Korea, to Thailand, back to the U.S everyone is whispering about everyone’s new perfect eyebrows. Eyebrows very well could be the most important aspect of the face, which could be the reason women across the globe are obsessing over them. So, the question stands. Should you or should you not go under the blade and get those eyebrows permanently fixed? Here’s a quick list of everything you need to know about eyebrow microblading.

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1. They’re not actually permanent

Microblading isn’t an actual tattoo. Therefore it doesn’t go as deep as an actual tattoo and only lasts about 1-2 years. This of course depends on your skin type, dry, oily, combination, etc. After your initial appointment you are asked to return for a touch-up in about 4-6 weeks to correct any dye that your skin did not take. Since it’s not actually permanent, this should be all the reason you go out and try it. Your eyebrows fade over time meaning if you don’t like it they will soon be back to how they originally were.


2. They can be pretty pricey

So the average micbroblading session costs around $600+. While I’m sure you can find a Groupon floating around here and there, they’re usually people who are newer with the craft which could work out for some people, just make sure you ask for before and after pictures of their past clients. Which such a steep price tag, make sure you do all your research before going under the blade including watching Youtube videos, so that you know exactly what to expect.

3. They offer an assortment of eyebrow colors

Everyone knows that each person has a different color of eyebrows. So don’t fear that you’ll be stuck with some dark brown eyebrows when your hair is blonde. While the color is initially very dark when you first have them done, this fades until they are a natural color.microblading colors

4. There is some pain involved

We all know that everyone differs when it comes to pain tolerance. But the benefit of microblading is that the pain is light. Your eyebrows are numbed prior to going under the blade so that you don’t feel as much pain. So breath and relax.


5. It fixes a variety of eyebrow issues

Whether you barely have eyebrows, your eyebrows or thinning, or you just want that perfect shape without having to do your eyebrows every morning, microblading is for you. They fix a variety of issues to help you get the perfect shape you’ve been drawing on yourself. So no more waking up early to fix your eyebrows. Let’s sleep in a little bit more, shall we ladies?


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6. There’s a time and place to get this done

Not everyone should run out and get their eyebrows microbladed after reading this post. If you are on certain acne medications like Retin-A or Accutane you need to discuss this with your doctor first, so that he can give you a timeframe as to when you can get them done. You also don’t want to get them done right before a big event like a wedding. Plan it out at least 6 months in advance. This gives your eyebrows time to heal and get to their natural color after your follow-up treatment(s). This is something you need to know about eyebrow microblading.

 7. Aftercare is REALLY important

After your eyebrows are complete, you’re going to want to follow all of the directions given to you, so that you don’t mess up your perfect brows. Definitely don’t skip out on your follow-up appointment. Even if they’re asking you to fork up some extra cash. During these follow-up appointments, they fix anything that doesn’t look perfect and make sure that everything is going smoothly. Don’t blade and forget ladies.


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