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Everything You Need To Know About Each Kind Of Fuckboi

Everything You Need To Know About Each Kind Of Fuckboi

Most people might think that having a long distance boyfriend would never work, but I'm living proof that it absolutely does.

We’ve all been there- we meet a guy that we think is super amazing and wonderful and then BAM! He turns out to be a fuckboi. Don’t ever let them fool you again! Read this article to learn all about each kind of fuckboi to avoid certain disaster

1. The “Nice Guy”

This guy can be one of the trickiest fuckbois to navigate because he might not even believe what he’s doing is wrong. The “Nice Guy” starts out with the best of intentions. Maybe he takes you on a few dates, expresses interest in meeting the fam, posts a few cute comments on some of your Insta posts. But beware. The second you start to feel comfortable and begin to get attached, the “Nice Guy” will flip the switch. He will become distant and all his responses will be unclear.

He will never be able to give you a straight answer, and he’ll begin canceling all your plans. If you ask him what’s going on, he may say he’s just “confused”, or he wants to take a step back because he doesn’t know what he wants.. which is funny because he seemed to know pretty well what he wanted about a week ago! The “Nice Guy” THINKS he knows what he wants and might genuinely believe he wants to be a one-woman man, but when push comes to shove, he’ll be nowhere to be found. Why?? Because he’s just not ready to settle down, and he’s too nice to tell you he only wanted sex!

Everything You Need To Know About Each Kind Of Fuckboi

2. The Guy That Won’t Leave You Alone, But Still Won’t Commit

This is the guy who will creep on all your snap stories, like all your photos, and randomly leave suss comments on pictures you posted 4 weeks ago at 4 in the morning. He’ll text you about 7 times a day asking to make plans and ask you when you’re going to hang out, but will never actually follow through on anything. This type of fucknoi is very similar to that annoying fly in your bedroom.

You know it’s there, but you just can’t seem to pin it down. This guy is just interested in the attention he is certain you will give him, and he’s the type of guy who will always try and keep you close enough to touch, but far enough away that he doesn’t have to put in any effort. The easiest way to deal with this type of fuckboi is to ignore him. Once he realizes your done feeding into his thirst trap, he will move on to his next unsuspecting victim.

3. The “I Would Never Hurt You” Fuckboi

This guy will swear on his life that he would never do anything to upset you, and that “you’re the only girl he’s talking to”. If he has to continually remind you he won’t hurt you, he’s most likely used to having to apologize for stupid things he’s done in the past, so he’s trying to get ahead while he can. He’ll tell you just about anything to make you believe he has your best interests at heart, but when it comes down to it he’s all talk. Remember that when it comes to guys the proof is in the pudding. If he can’t deliver on his promises, he’s probably filled with bs.  And what’s worse, this is probably not the first (or the last) time he’ll use this tactic to try and get into a girl’s pants. The best repellant for this type of fuckboi is to make him work for it. Don’t give him anything until he can prove that what he’s saying is for real. If he can’t do that, then boi bye!

Everything You Need To Know About Each Kind Of Fuckboi

4. The Drunk Texter

This is the guy you will strictly only hear from at 2:30 in the morning on Saturday nights, and you will most likely always have to decipher his texts. The only time he seems to think of you is when he’s had a few drinks, and the best line he can come up with is “wyd, come over”. You are almost certainly not the only girl he’s texting, and he will most likely go through his contacts until he finds a girl who will buy into whatever he’s selling. Unfortunately, you’ll have to do more than just ignore this guy’s advances.

Clearly, this guy thinks his sh*t don’t stink if he thinks he can text you at 2 AM and you’ll drop everything to spend a glorious 15 drunken minutes with him, probably in the back of his car. To get the drunk texter to leave you alone, you gotta bruise his ego just a tad. Let him know you see what he’s doing and that you’re not about it. The second he senses a hint of having to put in some effort to get you into bed, he will most likely back off and leave you alone- at least until next Saturday!

Everything You Need To Know About Each Kind Of Fuckboi

5. The Sensitive Guy

The sensitive fuckboi will pull at your heartstrings. He’ll tell you some sob story about a girl who destroyed him and made him put up walls, and how he has issues trusting people after what happened. We’re not saying the ENTIRE story is bs, but we’re also not saying he didn’t just say exactly what he needed to say to make you feel bad for him. This guy is smart, and he knows that the best way to get you to let your guard down is to attempt to show a little bit of sensitivity.

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He thinks you’ll melt and rush to his side to comfort him. Use your better judgment. If he truly seems genuine, by all means, get the guy some Kleenex and let him use your shoulder to cry on. However, if he starts to use his “bad breakup” as an excuse when he does something sketchy, shut it down. A bad experience or a heartbreak is never an excuse to play with someone else’s feelings, and let him know right away that it ain’t gonna fly. If he’s going to be stupid, he should at least have the decency to take responsibility for it!

Everything You Need To Know About Each Kind Of Fuckboi

6. The “We Want ALL The Same Things – JK” Fuckboi

Perhaps the most dangerous fuckboi of them all, this guy is a master at manipulation. He knows exactly what to say and when to say it to convince you that he’s just as invested in your situationship as you are. He’ll tell you he’s ready to settle down, and that he’s bored of “just hooking up without any emotional connection”, and he’ll tell you you’re “different from all the girls he’s talked to in the past”. A couple red flags in those statements: 1, he just admitted to you he has at one point enjoyed having meaningless sex without having any emotional attachment all, and 2, he’s just told you he’s talked to tons of girls.

Not that those two things necessarily mean he’s a bad guy, but if he’s trying to convince you he’s “just not that type of guy”, he’s not really off to a great start. He’ll most likely always agree with what you have to say, but won’t have much to add. This is a HUGE red flag that he’s really just agreeing with you for the sake of getting you to let your guard down. This guy is not afraid of a challenge, and he will be persistent. Stand your ground and hold out until you’re absolutely positive he’s done playing games. If he can’t assure you he’s changed his old ways, kick him to the curb!

Everything You Need To Know About Each Kind Of Fuckboi

Have you encountered any of these fuckbois? Let us know in the comments!

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