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Everything You Need To Know About Bromelia Swimwear

Everything You Need To Know About Bromelia Swimwear


If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will very soon. Bromelia swimwear is a brand that is breaking the glass ceiling in both fashion and business ethics. This Brazilian rooted swimwear brand did a small launch 2 years ago but has now fully launched in 2019 and they are ready to grow as a brand and as a family. I personally talked with Lauren Quinn, the creator of Bromelia and her interview was one of the most inspiring ones I’ve had. We talked about her struggles starting, what is new to come, what matters most in her business, and how it all came to be in the end.


Why Swimwear and why Bromelia?

When asked why it was swimwear Lauren specifically chose to pursue she had a very personal answer, “I was born in LA and I lived in a bikini. It was a part of our everyday wear. So for me, it was a part of my clothing. I got interested in what I’ve always worn every single day”(Lauren Amber Quinn). Lauren chose to call her swimwear brand, Bromelia (a well-known flower in Brazil), because of its qualities it holds as a flower. “It is a cactus-like flower. It is super strong and really hard to kill. It has both masculine and feminine qualities.” She adored this very well known flower and its definition and traits are exactly what she wanted her brand to uphold. Thus came Bromelia, the vision of a strong feminine brand that would be unstoppable.


How did it all start?

Sometimes it is just a matter of being at the right place at the right time. When talking to Lauren about how her swimwear line started she explained how random it was at first. She went to a party one night and the rest is history. “I had this idea and then I ran into this interesting artist and she came up with this watercolor painting and another one and we met another artist and soon after we had a whole collection of patterns and we put them on fabric.” Talk about networking the right way, Lauren took this random opportunity to cooperate with these local artists in order to take the first steps into making her dream a reality. With these first steps came her hardships and Lauren also opened up about that in the hopes that others can learn from her mistakes in order to become better prepared themselves.

What was the hardest part about starting Bromelia?

Out of everything that can go wrong in business with the finances, production, patenting designs, Laurens biggest struggle was internal. “My hardest moments would be battling my own expectations because when you start something especially when you come from this generation where things happen overnight and you have these expectations where your passion will flourish and grow within 24 hours, but it takes time.” Patience is key to Lauren as she continues to learn and make mistakes that need to be made in her opinion because, how else will you grow? With all these mistakes she has made, Lauren would not take any of them back. “everything that happens teaches you something to make you better and I am so about becoming better and learning and fine-tuning. I am grateful for all the mistakes that have happened.”


What is Bromelia currently and what will Bromelia be?

Bromelia currently is a swimwear brand inspired by Rio de Janeiro Brazil with a California touch. Made from a combination of designs from Lauren and local artist in Brazil due to a personal choice from Lauren because in her own words, “My choice to work with locals is because I want to subsequently empower these women.” She created a family work environment where a personal connection is valued. She has worked in other parts of the world such as London where it is black and white between business and personal relationships, “Brazil and Rio it’s so blurred, there is not one without the other.”  Her swimwear is for females from sizes 0 – 10, but wait there’s more! Lauren and her team have already started planning a new men’s swimwear line, beach cover up garments to add to the female line, and extended sizes! Exciting new things to come from Bromelia all because Lauren is determined to make her swimwear brand inclusive to all.

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Why should you care?

Not only will you look completely breathtaking in these swimsuits. But you get a quality product that lasts, feels amazing, is designed to fit your body, and is a true representation of the Brazilian culture with the colors and patterns used. You will be getting not just a garment, but a story. These swimsuits are made with passion and inspiration and you can feel good about telling the story of Brazil and how the loving locals there worked together to create such a unique piece of art for you to personally showcase.


Comment below what you are excited to see from Bromelia! Give us a share too!

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