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Everything You Need To Know About Bite Beauty’s Edible Lipstick

Everything You Need To Know About Bite Beauty’s Edible Lipstick

Bite Beauty is known for their edible lipstick and cosmetics line. These edible lipsticks are taking the beauty industry by storm. Check out Bite Beauty.
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Edible beauty produces are making their debut in the cosmetics world. Now I know what you are thinking but no, you can’t actually eat the products. Edible beauty products just mean they’re created with food-grade ingredients. The major benefit from adopting this approach when creating makeup is that, yes, they could hypothetically be eaten without severely harming your body, but they take on a more holistic approach.

One of the most popular edible beauty products on the market is Kopari. Now obviously you aren’t sticking your hand into the jars of coconut oil and snacking down on them. While this is a relatively new concept in the states, Australia has been incorporating these sorts of products into their beauty routines. They literally have a cosmetics line called Edible Beauty Australia. New on the market is Toronto based edible lipstick line, Bite Beauty.


So what’s their story?

Founder, Susanne Langmuir, inspired by kitchen chemistry wanted to incorporate the same natural concepts to the cosmetics niche. Rather than consuming cosmetic products that over time harm our bodies, she created Bite Beauty. Bite Beauty cosmetics are in fact, handmade. Natural ingredients like pomegranate, honey, citrus and coconut are used when created these chic and sustainable edible lipstick colors. In 2016, Bite Beauty was awarded by Nylon Magazine, best pink and orange lipstick and by Oprah Magazine, the Beauty O-ward for best lips.

Since then, Bite Beauty has expanded their makeup line beyond lip-wear. The Multistick is a breathable, blendable and buildable makeup line that can be applied to lips, cheeks and eyes. With 18 unique colors for every skin tone, everyone can find their shade. Bite Beauty is silicon-free and uses sugarcane to create a weightless coverage affect. The natural organic ingredients keep your skin and lips hydrated and healthy! Not even Glossier has adopted this edible lipstick approach to their branding.

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Bite Beauty’s edible lipstick line specifically uses twelve edible oils and freshly-pressed fruits to give the lipstick a delicious flavor; makes it that much better when you discover you’ve got lipstick on your teeth (which hopefully your friends make you aware of ASAP). Unlike the Kylie Lip Kit, yes you have to reapply but the pigment of the edible lipstick stays on your lips for hours. Personally, I’d rather have to reapply than putting artificial chemicals on my lips. Definitely don’t want my makeup choices in my twenties to bite me in the ass years later (pun somewhat intended).

The verdict? Definitely give this brand a go! Their edible lipstick and make-up is cute, affordable and best of all, organic. You can find their edible lipstick products on their website or at Sephora. Chances are you’ll be purchasing their products more than once!

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