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Everything you Need to Have a Successful Night Out

If you love going out and your goal is always to have a successful night out, I highly recommend that you always have these five items! These items will help make your night out less stress-free and more fun! Therefore, leading to a highly successful night out with friends and one for the books! I recommend that you probably use all these items more than once on your night out, and your friends will probably be asking to borrow some too! Sharing is caring, especially when you’re out at a club or bar with all your friends, so make sure to have these five items if you want to have the most successful night out of your life! I think having these items will give you Peace of Mind when you’re out and even make you feel a little bit more confident!

1. Crossbody bag

I recommend having a good crossbody bag perfect for a successful line out! You need one that can fit your wallet, phone, and any other items you want! I say it’s good to have a crossbody bag because they’re smaller, they take up less space, and honestly, you’ll forget you’re even wearing one period where if you take your wallet out, then you might be scared that you’re going to leave it at the bar with your check. Then your wallet’s gone for the whole night, and your mission of a successful night is ruined because you’ve just spent three hours trying to locate your wallet. You also can’t fit anything else in your wallet. The only good thing is cash cards and ID. So I recommend a crossbody bag because this can include your wallet. Another item that I’m going to recommend to you as well as your cell phone. If you bring a purse, this might get in the way of your night, and you might get fed up and annoyed. There’s no real reason to bring out a big bag when you’re going out, especially if it’s heavy with other stuff from your day or work week. You’re probably going to put it down somewhere. You’re going to lose it in misplace it, and some might take something out of it. So, in my opinion, it’s best to find a good crossbody bag, put it on your shoulder, put everything that you need in it, and you’re going to forget you’re even wearing one, honestly, and it’s going to make your outfit look so much cuter! So, if you’re looking for a successful night out, you need to have the perfect crossbody bag.

2. Gum or mints

I always love to have gum on me when I go out. I think that it just helps. If you want a successful night out, you need to have gum or mints on you at all times. If you’re self-conscious about what your breath smells like all the time, these need to be on you. And when you start to feel like maybe your breath is smelling so easy, reach into your bag, pull out a piece of gum, or pop into mint, and you’re good to go for the rest of the night. If you’re coming from dinner and then go straight out, maybe, you had pasta with garlic in it, and perhaps you want to cleanse your breath again. Reach into your partners, pull out your mentor, your gum, and you’re good to go. Honestly, if I take a shot that is just not going down my throat as quickly as I’m hoping, putting in a piece of gum will help remove some of this pain. If you’re talking to someone cute at the bar and you’re finally self-conscious about your breath, take a friend to the bathroom with you and put a mint or gum in for a couple of seconds. He will instantly forget you even though you had smelly breath, so if you’re looking for a successful night out, I highly recommend bringing gum or mints!

3. Cash

Cash is always good to have! We might think every bar accepts cards, but we are sometimes wrong. And when you’re out and looking to have a successful night out, and they don’t accept cards, you’re in trouble. So I always recommend at least having 50 bucks in your wallet sometimes, not all bars have ATMs, and if there are ATMs, then there probably is a long line to use them because, like the rest of the bar, they didn’t bring any cash. But now you’re one step ahead of everyone, so you can go up, get your drinks and pay. Cash helps so much because you don’t have to worry about getting your card back, so this might help if you’re anxious about losing your credit cards. Also, there are a lot of bars that half can take a credit card while the whole bar can accept cash, so this is helpful if you’re not someone who likes to wait, and your little impatient cash might be an excellent way to go. So I highly recommend always having cash on you when you’re at a bar or going out because it’s just a more accessible option to have just in case the bar club you’re at doesn’t take cash. I know you might think everyone accepts cards, but this isn’t true everywhere, so keep this in mind and always go out with some cash. So, if you’re looking for a successful night out, I highly suggest throwing some cash in your bag!

4. Perfume or deodorant

Sometimes when you’re at a club or a bar, and it’s packed, we might start to smell. So, if someone sweats easily at a bar, there was some travel-size deodorant or perfume in your bag. Honestly, if you go to the mall and find testers, this is a great place to pick up a few testers, throw them in your bag that you take going out, and this is a simple, easy solution. Or, if you have travel-size deodorant, this is also a great idea to throw into your bag. You know, if you start to sweat, you’re not always going to smell great. So having some perfume or deodorant is a great way to have a successful night out. I also think your friends will ask to borrow this throughout the night, so maybe perfume is the way to go. It’s more shareable. So, if you’re looking for a successful night out, pack up some perfume or deodorant.

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5. Lip gloss

Lips should always be taken care of when we’re going out. No one wants to be walking around with dry lips. So, make sure to put your favorite lip gloss in a new crossbody bag when you’re going out. You never know when your luck will strike, so just put it out there. It’s always nice for our lips to look glossy and feel hydrated going into a night out, but as we drink in the night, your lip gloss might fade and smear off, and that’s OK because you got ahead packed your lip gloss in your bag. So always ensure that if you are looking for a successful night out, you fill your lip gloss.

If you’re looking for a fantastic and successful night out, I highly recommend ensuring you have these five items. Your friends will want to use them, and you’ll be happy you have them going into midnight out. In addition, it will help you feel more confident and prepared to have a successful night out. So, I highly recommend always having these items on you when you’re ready to hit the town!

Camilla Berckemeyer

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