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Everything You Need To Do In Chicago This Summer

Everything You Need To Do In Chicago This Summer

Everything You Need To Do In Chicago This Summer

Chicago is fantastic during the summer because of the vibrant and magnetic energy the city gives. Chicago is a really great place to explore mostly because of the variety of culture, food, and museums. I was born and raised in Chicago which makes it is hard to have an objective perspective. But I will say that even though I have lived here my whole life there are things I know nothing about.

Summer is the best season to explore Chicago because for one thing, it is not winter. Winter is brutal in Chicago which really makes you appreciate summer more. What is awesome about Chicago is that public events organized by the city are free. This means that there really isn’t a day that there would be something going on. Chicago is the perfect city to make use of summer precisely because it has so much to offer.

To help with an otherwise overwhelming task of finding things to do for this summer here are some things you can do.

1. Chicago Summer Dance

If dancing is your thing then Chicago definitely offers a great amount of dancing lessons. Lessons that are completely free and for every level. You just show up and there are instructors ready to help teach you through every step. This is a great place for meeting new people. It is a great place to have a small chat, see what’s has them in Chicago or what is their interest in dance. Chicago receives a lot of tourists so it is a perfect place to meet people from other countries and talk.

I have gone to Chicago Summer Dance events before and it really does make you step outside of your comfort zone. You get to pick a partner when and it is a completely different experience. Plus you get to learn how to dance. Every genre of dance is covered in just one summer.

Everything You Need To Do In Chicago This Summer

2. Millennium Park Summer Film Series

Millennium Park is really an incredible place for a beautiful evening with friends. There are free film screenings where you can relax enjoy a snack or lunch while you sit comfortably on a lawn chair or blanket. Each year “Millennium Park Summer Film Series” offers films that are the public’s favorites.

The times that I have gone really make it a bigger experience than just going to watch the screening of a film. It is the perfect timing for when the sun starts to set to as you are watching the film you get to experience the sun setting at the same time.

Everything You Need To Do In Chicago This Summer

3. Taste of Chicago

“Taste of Chicago” is the perfect location to try out something new. At this location, you will get to try out food from several different cultures. Not only will there be food but there will be live music and games. This is a four day event that will give enough time to really get to see what each stand as to offer. Keep in mind that each food stand has its own way of cooking. You might not enjoy how one stand cooks their barbecue ribs but another might offer a better option. So try to keep your option open.

Everything You Need To Do In Chicago This Summer

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4. Chicago Riverwalk

If you are an Instagram person like me, you want to find a place that offers you the best view of the city. Riverwalks are the best way to get a view of the city from a different angle. The riverwalk is the perfect place to go for an afternoon walk or a jog.

Everything You Need To Do In Chicago This Summer

5. Summer Music Festivals

Chicago offers some of the best music festivals in the world. The top three music festivals are Pitchfork, Lollapalooza, and North Coast Music Festival. Each music festival really makes it their job to try to provide their audiences with a variety of musicians and bands.

Everything You Need To Do In Chicago This Summer

Chicago is the perfect city to explore in the summer because of the multitude of things to try. Take advantage of these summer events and make this summer memorable.

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