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Everything You Need to Do in Adelaide This Summer

Everything You Need to Do in Adelaide This Summer

Everything You Need to Do in Adelaide This Summer

Adelaide is such an amazing city that not many people overseas seem to know about. So if you’re visiting Adelaide in our beautiful state of South Australia over the Summer time, then here are some things you have to do during warmer season. From stunning beaches, festivals and a bit of hiking, there’s sure to be something here for everyone!

1. Moseley Beach Club

Only recently has this new addition to Glenelg Beach been added, but so far, Moseley Beach Club has been very popular amongst locals and visitors alike. Lay on your very own chaise lounge on the Club’s sectioned off area of the beach. Enjoy the sun, the sand and a drink delivered right to you on the beach! This is a fantastic place to relax especially during sunset. So romantic!

2. Port Noarlunga Beach

If you head out a bit from Adelaide, you’ll hit McLaren Vale and sitting along the coastline is this beautiful stretch of beach called Port Noarlunga. Summer time in Adelaide is very hot and dry, so this beach is where you want to be! There is great snorkelling around the jetty, or another five minutes down the road or a short walk down the beach is another section of Port Noarlunga which is accessible by stairs and surrounded by towering cliffs. This is where you’ll find some sick waves perfect for a morning surf!

Everything You Need to Do in Adelaide This Summer

3. Outdoor Cinema

Why would you want to be cooped up in a stuffy cinema when you can enjoy the Summer night while watching the newest flick! Grab your bean bag chairs and a buddy and head down to Moonlight Cinema where you can lay back, watch a great movie as the sun sets, with something delicious in your hand from one of the ever-present food trucks available. This is a great place to take your kids, or for a romantic date.

Everything You Need to Do in Adelaide This Summer

4. Rooftop Bar

What better way to enjoy a Summers night in Adelaide then having a much deserved drink in one of Adelaide’s best rooftop bars? Luckily, there are plenty of rooftop bars to choose from, like The Gallery and 2KW, both right in the heart of the city where you can see for miles around. Grab some of your best mates and head into the city where you’re sure to find a spot that catches your eye, and hopefully you’ll end up with a drink in your hand.

5. Adelaide Fringe

Once a year this fantastic festival rolls around starting in February, that gets all of Adelaide involved and ready for a couple of months of fun! The Fringe has always been a favourite in the Adelaidian itinerary, with locals booking events way in advance to get a spot at the best shows! From quirky cabarets, to lively musicals and heart-stopping acrobatics, there’s always something new and interesting to take part in at the Adelaide Fringe. And let’s not forget the food; the food is reason enough to tag along and check it out!

Everything You Need to Do in Adelaide This Summer

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6. Botanic Gardens

After a wild night in the city, you might be craving a super chill day in the sun. Head to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens next to the Zoo, where you can relax and have a Sunday picnic under the canopy of gigantic trees. Go for a walk and look at all the native flowers and other plants, marvelling at their beautiful colours and designs. Let the sounds of the birds and the breeze rustling through the leaves take your stress away, as you stroll along the pond’s bank and enjoy a gorgeous day in the Botanic Gardens!

7. Morialta Falls Hike

For this activity, you need to head out of the city and up a little in the hills which is just a 30 minute drive from the heart of the city. Morialta Falls, like other areas surrounding it, is a beautiful hike that showcases the natural flora and fauna of the South Australian hills. The views are spectacular, especially on a clear day when you can have a view of Adelaide, stretched out from the foot of the hills to the ocean. If you’re not a seasoned hiker, don’t worry, it’s not a hard climb, and you might pass by some waterfalls along the way!

8. Porch Sessions

If you love listening to live music in a super chill environment, then the Porch Sessions is definitely something for you to check out when you’re next in Adelaide during Summer! The Porch Sessions is a little event that travels from Queensland to South Australia every year, featuring new and totally homegrown artists. The best thing about the Porch Sessions is in the name; these gigs are set up at people’s homes! Locals volunteer their properties, whether big or small, and are decked out in a boho-chic vibe. People bring along cushions and bean bags or just sit on one of the many Persian rugs set out, and can enjoy a glass of wine and a meal from the food truck right outside. This is a great event that you should totally check out!

Everything You Need to Do in Adelaide This Summer

There are so many great things to do in Adelaide during Summer. Which one of these suggestions will you try next time you’re in town? Let us know in the comments below!

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