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Everything you Need to Do Before Summer Ends

We have all been there when we suddenly realize that it is August and our precious summer is running out! If you have been neglecting your favorite summer activities and treats, then you need to make sure that you go out and cross them off your list. Summer won’t be back for another nine months, so don’t waste time and opportunity now! Instead, get outside and enjoy the fresh warm weather before it turns gray and cold before your eyes. So, if summer has gotten away from you because of your busy life, follow my suggestion to cram some of your favorite summer seasonal activities into the last few weeks!

1. Go to the beach

Summer is meant to be spent outside. If you haven’t been to the beach yet, this should be on your list. Who doesn’t love basking in the sun, toes in the sand, and the ocean breeze blowing through your hair? If you haven’t made it to the beach year, I recommend requesting or taking some time off. Vitamin D is a significant mood boost. Plan a weekend away, take a day trip to your local beach, buy a day pass, or pay for parking. I promise that you won’t regret it. I can guarantee that if you don’t make it to the beach and feel the sand in between your toes this summer, you will regret it for the next nine months! So get some friends together, pack a cooler, through your beach bag in your car loaded with sunscreen, a good book, a hat, sunglasses, and a beach towel, and you are set to have a fantastic day. If you and your friends are over the age of 21, then I highly recommend packing some beach-friendly cocktails. Maybe throw in your favorite bottle of rose or an ice cold pack of coronas and feel extra fancy place up align before you leave the house. Summer is one of the most enjoyable times to be outside and bask in the sun, and I always live for a bit of sunburn, so take advantage of this and get some extra color to soak up all the vitamin D and get outside. So if you’ve just realized that your calendar is saying August and you’re thinking, where did summer go because you haven’t done any of your favorite summer activities, the first item on your list should be to go to the beach!

2. Plan a vacation

Honestly, when I think of summer, I think of relaxation and vacations. If you haven’t taken time off in a while and are just starting to feel exhausted, rundown, and that the corporate world is getting the best of you, plan a vacation. You will not regret taking time off, especially during the summer when it’s hot and sticky and humid. I’m sure some of you work in offices or places where the AC may not be functioning, which could lead to a very uncomfortable couple of months. So break this up with a short vacation period. This doesn’t have to be anything crazy; planes even have to be involved. You could plan a quick trip two a local beach town to visit family, or maybe you want to spend a little bit more money and plan the trip you’ve been thinking of for a while. Summers are a great time to travel because so many other people are in and out of the office, so you won’t feel like you’re missing things. Chances are too, and you also have friends traveling throughout the summer, so you won’t have FOMO when you leave your hometown. Summer is a time when you can genuinely relax. Take advantage of this! Go and plan that summer vacation trip that you’ve been waiting for!

3. Get ice cream

Go out and get ice cream! Honestly, when you say summer, it’s one of the top three things that comes to mind. If you haven’t gone out and treated yourself to a lovely Sunday, this should be on the top of your To-Do List. Go with friends, go after a long day of work, or maybe you’re having a very scary Sunday, and this is the perfect way to cure your hangover in the summer. And a school treat is so needed on his hot, humid summer days. I only go out and get ice cream during the summer, so take advantage of this. Usually, the best spots to get ice cream R only open seasonally, so if you’re looking for the best ice cream, now is the time to get it. No summer is complete without having a couple of ice cream trips!

4. Watch a sunset or sunrise

Summer has the best sunsets! And sunrises! It seems as though those hot summer days have the best sunsets. Watching sunsets is the only time in my life when I go out and watch the sunset. Plan Your next cocktail hour, book club, or even Hawker walk around sunset. Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than nature! And if you love posting to social media, this is a fantastic time to take an artsy story. If you are a morning person, then maybe a sunrise is perfect. Especially if you’re on vacation, perhaps you can bike down to the beach and watch a glorious sunrise. In my professional opinion, no summer is complete without watching the sun go down with a glass of wine in my hand!

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If you’re like most of the world, then had a busy summer working or taking summer classes, then you probably realize that it’s August, and there are only a couple more weeks left. So get outside, enjoy friends, family, good food, and some relaxing time. Some are short and sweet, so make sure to soak up every last bit! These are my four favorite summer essentials. In my opinion, no summer is complete without watching a couple of sunrises or sunsets, enjoying a lovely ice cream cone, making memories on the beach, and going on vacation with loved ones! So enjoy the next couple of weeks and soak up every last bit!

Camilla Berckemeyer

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