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Everything You Need For Your Dorm Room In 2022

Everything You Need For Your Dorm Room In 2022

College is a new chapter in your life. You have previously lived your life at home with your parents, but that is all changing. Now you will be living in a dorm room where you are in control. You do not have parents to help you with everything and you have to try to be functional on your own. Depending on your home life, this can be quite the challenge. In order to survive your new dorm life, you need to be prepared. Make sure you have the right items in your dorm room so that you can keep a wonderful environment. Some may be obvious, but they need to be emphasized because they are that important. Other items are less obvious, but are still very important. This is your new home, and it should be able to provide your best and most comfortable life possible.


1. Fan

Often in your dorm room, it will get warm. If you pick a hot climate for your college, it is basically guaranteed that you will feel too warm. Even if you are in a cold climate, it is possible to get a room with no air conditioning, so you will feel hot more often than you think. This is why you need a fan. If you have enough room, try to get a full size fan for some extra cooling power. If you have a pretty small room, a desk fan should be fine. Your fan will help provide a nice breeze on a hot day. It is definitely a necessity as your room is where you should be able to relax and chill, literally. Make sure your room is at the temperature that works best for you.



2. Posters

When you enter your dorm room for the first time, it will be a blank canvas. It is up to you to make sure that your room feels like home. Sure, a lot of your room will be filled with essentials. However, that does not mean there won’t be room for you to express your personality. This is why you will need some posters. There are many different types of posters that you can buy. You can buy some posters that reflect an interest of yours, like a musician or a movie. There are also some funny posters to show your sense of humor. You may also want some tapestries to show off your artsy side. There is a wide variety of what can go up on your wall, and your wall will have a lot of room for the variety. A bare wall can be boring and will not show off that this is your room. Posters may not seem like a true necessity, but it is ideal so that you feel comfortable and settled.  Have some fun with your walls and make sure that this wall is a great representation of you.



3. Rug

The personality of your dorm room does not stop at your walls. There are a lot of other places that could use some personality. You should be as creative as possible. Also, your creativity can provide a little extra comfort. Make sure to spice up the floors of your room with a rug or two. Just like with posters, there is a wide variety of rugs you can get. There are some with fun colors for the artsy look. There are also some with pictures or messages to be funny. Not only can these rugs be fun, but they can also be nice and soft. When you put your feet down first thing i the morning and you need places for your friends to sit, there will be something fluffy for everyone. Rugs are a great purchase because they are cozy and cute.


4. Fridge

No matter where you go to college, you are going to have to eat. While you may spend time in the dining hall a lot, sometimes you may need to bring food back to your room. If you bring leftovers back from the dining hall, you can save meal points, there’s a tip for you. You may also want to buy some refrigerated food if you are tired of the dining hall. These are all reasons while you will need a fridge for your room. A lot of times you can buy a fridge through a service with your school. Those fridge will also often come with a microwave, which is also pretty necessary. Still, if you ever think you will not need it, think again. You will definitely be storing some food in there during your time at school. Maybe it will have some fruit for snacks, maybe some leftovers to make for a new meal, or maybe some drinks because you will get thirsty. Do not miss out on the fridge and make sure you have nice food stored properly.


Ramen Cups

5. Ramen Cups

Sometimes you will want a quick and easy meal. You might be swamped with work or you may just not have the energy to leave your dorm room. It could also be that you are getting tired of dining hall food, but you are too broke to buy something of quality. That is why you should stock up on something cheap, quick, and tasty. That is why you will need some ramen cups. Ramen from a cup is super easy to make. Just get some boiling water, which if you get the microwave attached to the fridge it should not be a problem, and pour into the ramen cup. Stir it a little and you have a quick meal. Despite the speed to make it, it can still be considered a full meal. They are also really cheap so make sure to stock up on a lot of them. Never skip out on a meal because you don’t think you have the time. The ramen will always be there for you and will always be yummy.

Power Strip


6. Power Strip

We live in a society that relies on technology. You won’t get far in college without using your laptop. You also need to plug in other electronic devices like your phone, fridge, fan, etc. You are not going to have that many outlets in your dorm room. This is why you are going to need a power strip. You connect the power strip into one outlet in your wall. The strip itself will have multiple outlets on it so you can plug in many different devices. This is how you don’t use up all of your outlets but still keep everything charged. You won’t have wires hanging around all over the place. It is 202, you will need technology to have power. If you buy a power strip, everything can charge at once and you won’t have an unorganized mess of wires.

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Mattress Topper


7. Mattress Topper

In a dorm room, you are going to have to get used to sleeping in a brand new bed. That mattress has been through many people so it will definitely not feel new. It also will probably not feel very comfortable. A lot of dorm room mattresses end up being really stiff and hard. That will not be fun to sleep on, so you have to take action. This is why the mattress topper was invented. When you first arrive in your dorm room, you will put the mattress topper on your bed. Then you will put your sheets and comforter over that. The mattress topper will help make your mattress feel a lot more comfortable and softer. This is absolutely necessary if you want a great night’s sleep. Most college mattresses are not nice to lie on, so it is up to you to make that better.

Laundry Detergent

8. Laundry Detergent

Most students in college are alone for the first time. They do not have their parents to take care of everything. If you are going to live on your own, you have to be able to take care of yourself. One way to do this is to make sure you have clean clothes. They can’t just fester in your dorm room. You need to have some laundry detergent so that you are ready to clean. The kind of laundry detergent is up to you, but the pods might be easiest if you are a beginner. Make sure to stock up on a lot of detergent at the beginning of the year, as you never know when you will be available to buy more. Make sure you always have some, as you don’t want to find out you ran out when your laundry bag is full. Keep those clothes clean and get ready for some adulting.


Shower Caddy

9. Shower Caddy

One of the big changes in college is having a communal shower. You may have had to share a shower with siblings at home, but this is different. This is a shower that you share with a large number of people that you just met. Unlike a shower at home, you can’t leave your toiletries in the bathroom as no one has a claim over the shower. You’ll have to leave your shower supplies in your room and bring them to the shower each time. This can be a lot to carry around, so you are going to need a shower caddy. This is a waterproof bag with a lot of different pockets to carry various shower items. Your shampoo, soap, razor, brush, and anything else you bring into the shower will go into this bag. This will make your trips to the shower easier and you won’t drop everything on your way.