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Everything You Need For Your Back To School Clothes Packing List

Everything You Need For Your Back To School Clothes Packing List

No matter your style, or where you go to school, every college girl needs to add these items to her closet as her back to school clothes!

While everyone has their own unique sense of style, there are a few staple pieces that every college girl needs in her closet. After being in college for three years, I have found that these items are wardrobe essentials. Here are 15 things you need to add to your back to school clothes packing list!

1. Nikes (Or Any Comfortable Sneakers)

If I were to pick the most important item to bring to college, it would, without a doubt, be Nikes. Because MSU parking costs an arm and a leg, and PACE gives out tickets like candy- most Spartans opt out of driving to class and choose to walk. Walking to class can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, so wearing comfy sneakers is a must!


2. Parka

A parka is needed to survive the harsh Michigan winters, which is why it earns the second spot on the list. Yes, it is a pricey item, but it totally pays for itself when you don’t get frost bite during the bitter cold months.

3. Leggings…Lots Of Leggings

Stretchy, comfy, and oh so useful. Leggings are the best, whether your wearing them to class or just to hang out in. I suggest you bring several pairs to school; you will use them. And don’t be afraid to stock up on different colors and patterns!



You’ll get the most use out of these in the fall. Perfect for hayrides, days at the cider mill or cozy evenings spent studying. Wear as-is, or pair with a necklace, watch and some stylish heels or booties to dress it up!

5. Athletic Jacket 

A personal favorite of mine. No, you don’t have to be a gym rat to rock athletic apparel…running errands counts! The stretchy, light weight fabric is heaven on Earth on the busiest of days.

6. College Apparel

There’s no better way to show school spirit than to wear your school’s mascot or name on your body! Wearing items that rep your university is always a quick go-to when you don’t know what to wear, which as we all know, happens a lot.



7. Jean Jacket

Trendy and extremely versatile. Layer on top of any shirt for a little added warmth and style.


8. Vest

This is definitely a good item to invest in because you can use it all school year and pair it with pretty much any outfit.

9. Converse

Necessary during tailgating season. Yes, they are starting to make their way towards being “basic” but worth it. And yes, they will absolutely get dirty but that only adds style.



10. Professional Clothes And/Or A Suit

Contrary to popular belief, every student should have business clothes readily available- not just those with business majors. You never know when an interview or professional event will come up…better safe than sorry!


11. Rain/Duck Boots

Highly recommended! They may not seem like a need, but after you own a pair you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

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12. Jeans

Ripped, high or low-waisted, flare, black, white, faded, light or dark wash…any color or style. Denim will always be a timeless classic!



13. Oversized Sweaters

Open cardigan style or closed and cozy, the choice is yours. Especially here in Michigan,  the weather has roller coaster-like patterns. Sweaters of all colors and styles are always a good idea.



14. Plain Tees

Is there a such thing as too many? Plain tanks, long and short sleeve shirts are the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe!

15. Sweatpants

Last but certainly not least. Not anything new or fancy, just your favorite pair. Nothing says Sunday morning lounging like being snuggled up in sweats on your couch, chatting with your roommates about last night, with your hands wrapped around your a.m. cup of joe.

These are 15 items that every college girl needs in her closet as back to school clothes. Did I miss anything? Share in the comments!
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