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Everything You Need For The Perfect Friends-Giving

Everything You Need For The Perfect Friends-Giving

Thanksgiving can be one of the most stressful holidays, in my opinion, because the premise of the holiday is to sit at a table with family members as they ask you questions about your life. That is why creating holidays like Friends-giving is the perfect way to enjoy the holidays with people you won’t be able to see during break. Friends-giving can be something you share with your college friends before you leave to go home or it can be something you do with your friends at home to catch up on each other’s lives. Here is everything you will need to create your own perfect Friends-giving.


This is an obvious item to have for a holiday, almost so obvious that it doesn’t need to be mentioned. But hear me out. While the holidays may bring delicious dishes that your family members only make once a year, but I highly doubt your aunt is going to modify her famous casserole to fit your dietary restrictions. Friends-giving is a judgment-free zone when it comes to what you would like to have for dinner. Your friends should, hopefully, be supportive if you want tofu instead of turkey, gluten-free mac and cheese noodles, or a dairy-free dessert. There is also something very therapeutic about cooking with your friends. It’s a chance to spend time together and make memories in a comfortable setting. Good food, great company. 


Nothing is worse than the uncomfortable outfits that the holidays require us to wear. If you have a mother like mine, then she probably wants you to look your best while you are visiting family you barely get to see. But it sucks to have to wear clothing that does not fit in with the amount of comfort you want to feel during eating and couch sleeping you want to get done in between the second and third dinner plates. So the dress code for Friends-giving is strictly sweatpants. The comfiest pair that you own. It is time for you to look like your most homeless self. Cute sweat pants are allowed if there are plans to take cute pics for Instagram but do not feel like you need to dress to impress. 



A movie marathon during and after dinner is a perfect way to destress. If you are doing Friends-giving with childhood friends at home, then I suggest that you watch the classics you grew up watching. Turn your living room or bedroom into a Disney movie marathon hot spot. This is your time to turn your brain off and sing along to the musical movies that shaped you into the person you are today. No need to worry about the assignments that need your attention, enjoy your self and the company you choose to surround yourself with. If you are with school friends, I suggest binge-watching all the shows that you said you were going to watch and then never had time for. There are so many new shows that you tell your friends that they need to watch or that you want to watch with them but your schedules never matched up enough to watch an entire series with them. 


If you are of legal drinking age, then grab a lot of wine. White wine, red wine, anything you like. Being wine drunk with your friends can be the best thing ever. Especially when you’re celebrating going home/coming home. A fun activity to do is try to make special holiday drinks that can be found on Pinterest or Instagram. Trying to be a bartender with your friends while already having a little in your system can be a great time full of laughs, heavy pours, and bad drink combinations. Let loose and drink responsibly (ish). 


Take pictures. Post them on Snapchat and Instagram, save them to memories. Document the moments because these are the things that need to be remembered. It sounds stupid to be mention something that everyone does all the time. We are the generation that documents every second of our lives to the point where it has become second nature to us. But we have also become a generation that only wants to put our best face out to the world, making the memories an artificial version of what actually happened. Leave the pictures to be as organic as the moment. Worry less about the filters or the person you want to watch your story and just share the moment with your friends. 

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Festive Plates

The last thing a broke college student needs is to be spending money that they don’t have but it is whatever college student knows how to do best. This is may be your first or last family holiday dinner with non-family members, make it special! The best way to put a little extra-ness into your Friends-giving is to get the silly festive decorations. Festive paper plates and cups, maybe napkins with turkeys on them, a tissue paper pumpkin for the center of the table. The best part of festive paper plates is that not only do they look adorable but they also don’t need to be washed which means no one has to be on dish duty. While it may not be an environmentally friendly option, it will ensure that no one will have to argue over who is going to wash and dry the plates.


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Change of Clothes

Your night is going to end one of two ways. You will either end up falling asleep in the middle of watching the Hannah Montana Movie while being in a hog pile of blankets and cuddles with friends. OR. You will be heading out to meet other friends at the bar because when doesn’t a night with friends ends as a night out with friends. So my advice is to be prepared. Bring a pillow, blanket, PJs, face wash, toothbrush, makeup, heels, jeans, jacket, and your I.D. The point of Friends-giving is to celebrate the bonds with people who make every day life amazing. So celebrate any way you see fit. Whether it be turkey, tofu, drinks, movies, or a night out, enjoy yourself and the company you surround yourself with.