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Everything You Can Expect From The Bachelor In Paradise: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Everything You Can Expect From The Bachelor In Paradise: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

As Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette reaches the Hometowns stage of the show, it means that it is almost time for another season of Bachelor In Paradise. The sixth season of the popular Bachelor franchise spinoff show is set to premiere on ABC on August 5th. My previous article stated what to expect from in terms of who will appear on the show this year. However, this article will focus on what to expect in general as viewers have seen in previous seasons of Bachelor in Paradise (also referred to as BIP or Paradise). Here is everything us viewers can expect to happen from Bachelor In Paradise from the good to the bad and to the ugly:

The Good Part 1:

One of the best parts of Paradise is seeing contestants from past seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette (or in some cases, were on a previous season of BIP)  come back for another chance at finding love. Instead of competing to win the heart of just one Bachelor and/or Bachelorette, each person on BIP has a better shot of forming some type of connection as there are more people of the opposite gender to choose from.

Another good part of Bachelor In Paradise is seeing contestants (those who got really bad breakups during The Bachelor or Bachelorette (or in some cases a previous season of BIP) season form a strong connection with someone. It is even better if, by the end of Paradise, they leave either in a solid relationship and/or engaged. As of the fifth season, Bachelor in Paradise has resulted in three successful marriages, two current engagements, and two solid relationships.


The Good Part 2:

This particular good aspect of Bachelor in Paradise deserves its own section. While it’s great to see relationships and potential marriages happen, an even better aspect is seeing contestants who got somewhat of a bad edit on their Bachelor and/or Bachelorette season get their redemption when they appear on Paradise. If the “villains” prove to redeem themselves, it turns the haters around and earning some respect in the eyes of Bachelor Nation. Two notable examples of this include Krystal Nielson (Arie’s Season) and Chris Randone (Becca’s Season). Heading into Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise last year, Nielson and Randone were hated by fans as both didn’t receive the best edit on their seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The two formed a connection on Week 2 and as their relationship and bond grew, they were slowly earning respect and redemption from Bachelor Nation and their fellow castmates. Nielson and Randone completed their redemption by getting engaged on the finale and recently tied the knot in June, becoming one the franchise’s most beloved couples in the process as well.

The Bad:

While new arrivals each week throughout the season pose threats to existing relationships and could cause potential love triangles and drama to occur. One of the more worse aspects of Bachelor In Paradise is seeing old rivalries and feuds between contestants that were on the same season of The Bachelor and/or Bachelorette resume on the beach. The continuing beefs between past rivals stem from fighting over the same girl and/or guy and/or be from just pure hatred towards each other.

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One notable rivalry that continued to play out on Bachelor In Paradise was that of Nick Viall (Andi and Kaitlynn’s Seasons, BIP Season 3, and The Bachelor Season 21) and Josh Murray (Andi’s Season and BIP Season 3). While they were neither openly friends or enemies during Andi Dorfman’s season in 2014, what started the beef between the two was they were her final two suitors.  In the season 10 finale, Andi broke Viall’s heart when she dumped him and accepted a proposal from Murray (only to break up in January 2015). Flash forward two years later to BIP Season 3 in 2016, Murray and Viall fought for the affections of the same woman (Amanda Stanton from Ben H’s Season) and the love triangle caused plenty of drama that year on Bachelor in Paradise.

The Ugly:

The worst thing that Paradise could do for a contestant is destroying and/or harm their already existing good reputations with fans from when they first appeared on The Bachelor and/or Bachelorette. This happens when someone turns into the so-called villain of Bachelor in Paradise, gets involved in a messy love triangle, or develops a reputation as a player. This is especially awful if the person was a fan-favorite before participating in Bachelor In Paradise.

Were there any highlights that you think were left out in any of the three categories? Let us know down below in the comments.

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