Everything You Can Expect From Living In College Dorms For The First Time

College dorms are a major part of college life! So, if this is your first time entering the dorm life, then here is everything you should expect going into this type of living!

Communal Laundry Room 

One thing to expect when moving into a dorm is that you will be doing your laundry with others in a communal laundry room. Dorm facilities generally have to cater to a large number of young adults, so by providing a shared laundry for the students is much more efficient.

You will not want to wash your clothes leisurely. The best option would be to plan a day to get all of your washing done, weekly, or once every few weeks. Pick the day that works best for you and also pick a time that you know the laundry room will not be packed with other students’ laundry.


Everything You Can Expect From Living In College Dorms For The First Time

Minimal Space To Share

When living in a dorm room with a roommate or by yourself, understand that you will have minimal space. This means that you probably will have moments where you feel a bit confined so it’s important to take time to get out of the room. Take a walk and enjoy your campus or city on a regular basis to cut back on this feeling of confinement.

Everything You Can Expect From Living In College Dorms For The First Time


Communal Bathroom Difficulties

Most people know the difficulties of having to share a bathroom with others. So be prepared to do this with strangers. Again dorm facilities find it way more efficient to have communal laundry rooms and bathrooms. Having to share a bathroom with other students can be a big transition for most. However, just keep in mind that other students are going through the same change, so do not feel too weird about it because you are not alone.

Rowdy Neighbors

Expect that those living next door to you in the dorm may be rowdy. You never know if you will receive peaceful neighbors or louder ones, so be prepared for both! Be open to see who your neighbors are and start on the right foot with them because you will be living with them for a while. If you have any issues with other students, be sure to communicate that with your college supervision when needed.  

Low Storage Space

Again, dorm rooms have minimal space, so you will not have much storage room for your things. I suggest that you be very picky about the items you bring and how you organize your space. Buy the best storage shelves or drawers that will maximize your space and try not to hoard any unnecessary things. Simply be wise about how you manage your minimal space.


Everything You Can Expect From Living In College Dorms For The First Time

Common Messiness

We all know how fast spaces can get dirty and messy. So, expect your dorm room to be 10xs easier to become messy! When living in a small area with a roomie, you can almost always expect your place to be dirty on the regular. Just changing your clothes once can create a mess so try to do your best not to get overwhelmed with it. Schedule specific times for you and your roomie to clean, or just clean when you have time or feel like you need to. Staying aware of the mess you make and cleaning it up at that moment is best so you will not have to do it later.


Most people think that when they leave for college, they will be completely free of adult supervision. This is not true. When living in a dorm you will have oversight in the dorm facility. This is to keep everyone safe and to make sure everyone is abiding by the rules of the dorm building. So, be ready to respect the supervisors over you.


Mandatory Quiet Time 

A lot of colleges have mandatory quiet time designated for studying in their campus dorm rooms. This is to give the students time to have no distractions while doing homework. So, expect mandatory quiet time at some dorm facilities. 

No Pets Rule

Most dorm facilities on college campuses do not allow any pets. Each college has its own reasons for this rule, but most have set this rule for the maintenance of rooms and protection and the peace of other students. Therefore, when moving on campus, be prepared to keep your pets at home with your family while you are in school.

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Dorm Meetings

Scheduled dorm facilities are mandatory for all students living in dorms to attend at most colleges. This is to keep everyone updated on the rules and regulations as well as other essential things dorm students need to know. In these meetings, you can also state the concerns you have had with the facility or living arrangements.

Visitors Regulations

Expect your dorm facility to have visitor regulations and rules. Some dorms do not let any of the opposite sex enter each other’s dorm, and some only allow visitors within a specific time frame. It all depends on your dorm rules. 

Everything You Can Expect From Living In College Dorms For The First Time

Drugs And Alcohol Rules

College dorms prohibit any alcohol or drug on their property. This is something colleges take very seriously, so if you are of age, drink safely off-campus. If a student is caught with these substances, there will be consequences that could possibly interfere with your education.


Restricted Materials

College dorm facilities also restrict students from having any candles and incenses in their rooms. Some colleges also prohibit any burner plates (melting wax plates, coffee pots, and etc.). This rule is in place for the basic safety of the staff and students. 

If you are into scents and fragrances filling your room, then the automatic room misters, room sprays, or oil diffusers would be your best option!

Everything You Can Expect From Living In College Dorms For The First Time


Be ready for your dorm life experience by keeping these elements in mind! Comment the college you are going to or are currently in below!

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