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Everything You Need To Know About KSU Orientation

Everything You Need To Know About KSU Orientation


You got into the college of your choice, school is about to begin, and what better way to get acquainted with your new school than Orientation Week? But are you prepared? Keep reading for everything you need to know about KSU Orientation!

What is Orientation Week?

Orientation Week can also be known as Welcome Week. It is a week-long series of activities designed to help you get to know your school better. At KSU, there is a New Student Convocation, where KSU staff and current students give helpful tips and advice to make your time at KSU the best! You may think that KSU Orientation is boring, but there are many benefits to it. You get to meet new friends, you can ask questions about your new school, see the campus, and get a feel for your school. It may not seem like it, but orientation week is a very important part of the college experience.

What Should You Wear?

The KSU Orientation and Enrollment packet recommend casual clothing, with summer heat and air-conditioned buildings in mind. It gets very hot here in Kansas. They also recommend comfortable shoes since there will be a lot of walking and touring of the campus. It is a beautiful campus, so take the time to explore and enjoy the scenery. You can also get a class tour, where you spend time going to where your classes are located. This is a great idea if you are worried about getting lost the first week of class.


What Do You Need to Bring?

Many times you will be enrolling in classes during KSU Orientation. It is important to make sure your academic file is complete before enrolling. KSU’s academic file deadline is July 1st. You generally get a to-do list so you can complete things before orientation. This includes things like placement tests. These can be taken online by using your KState ID and password. You will want to also bring a photo ID to pick up your KState student ID, your financial aid information in case you have any questions, and also a list of questions you may have for your academic advisor.

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What Should You Expect?

There will be a lot of information coming at you during the week. The key is to not feel stressed or overwhelmed. You should expect to interact with a lot of different people, but it will be a fun experience. Just take everything in stride and enjoy the day. Orientation can be stressful, but just remember you can ask questions at any time if you forget something or you are unsure of what you need to remember. The staff and other students are there to help you make the transition to your new school easier. Don’t worry about being nervous because everyone else is too. You are not alone. Don’t stress or be nervous and just have fun. Explore clubs and all of the different activities and events your school has to offer. You will have a blast!

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