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Everything An OU Freshman Needs to do Before Fall

Everything An OU Freshman Needs to do Before Fall

You’ve just spent a whole year stressing about college. You didn’t know what your SAT/ACT scores would be, or if they would be strong enough to get you into your dream college. You feared of the day that you would have to leave your friends and family behind and start over. The college process was tricky, but once you made your decision, all you could think was “O-U, OH YEAH!”

Committing to a college is a big and overwhelming step in anyone’s life. We at Society19 are here to help you learn the next steps to take on the road the Athens.

1. Find a roommate. 

Finding the person that you will see every day is stressful. But, it is important to understand that your roommate doesn’t have to be your best friend. The process can take a while, but ultimately will end up working out. Once you find a roommate, make sure to add him or her to your list of roommate requests on the OU housing self-service page.

If you are interested in advice about finding a roommate on Facebook, click here.

If you want the Do’s and Don’ts of meeting your roommate for the first time at OU, click here.

2. Research learning communities.

For those of you that don’t know, a learning community, or LC, is essentially a group of students who take the same set of courses together. For many, LCs are highly suggested, but for some LC participation is required. More than 80 percent of students participate in LCs at OU, so why not join one? You can either enroll online, or enroll once you get to orientation. We would suggest enrolling ASAP, because LCs have limited space. You don’t want to miss your opportunity to get a spot.

To learn more and enroll, check out this link.

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3. Register for Orientation.

To most, orientation may sound lame. However, this experience is something that will prepare you for the upcoming fall, so you can’t miss out! You will register for classes, get to know the campus, and even meet some potential friends. There are a sixteen dates to choose from, so be sure to fit one into your schedule. The orientation is two days and you can choose to stay with a random overnight in the dorm. We encourage you to take a risk and do this, because why not!

Tip: To register and learn more about BSO go here.

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4. Pick a dorm! 

The process of selecting a dorm room can get intense. If you have an early pick date, there is a chance you can land Tanaka, or one of the more popular dorms like Bush. It is important to remember that any dorm at OU can be what you make it. If you want to leave your door closed all the time, then you will have a quiet year, but if you go out and meet people in the rooms surrounding you, chances are you will flourish on the social scene. No matter the dorm, you will have a fun year!

Tip: For more information on housing go to and click on the housing self-service page.

5. Prepare to join OU!

Now here’s where the fun part comes in. Start chatting with people on the OU 2020 Facebook page, or meet up with your roommate(s). Begin making a list of what you will need to pack/buy for this fall. Many websites have packing lists that you can use to ensure you will not forget anything. Simply Googling “College packing list” will do the trick.
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6. Move in!

For the 2016-17 school year at OU, August 18th and 19th are the move-in dates. You will be assigned one of the two dates based on your last name. Make sure to check your Bobcat student email for any updates on the move-in process. Don’t forget to bring your smile and prepare for one of the most exciting years of your life!

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