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Everything You Need To Know About Northeastern’s Party Scene

The Northeastern party scene is definitely fun but also…interesting for sure. Better to know the ins and outs before going head on! Whether you are an incoming freshman or a current student, it is very important to be aware of the party scene at your school! Here are a couple hints and tips to navigate your way through Northeastern’s party scene!

Connections, Connections, Connections

Whether it be a frat party, a lacrosse team party, or a freaking a cappella group party, if you know someone on the inside, you’re in.

Seriously, wherever you go, GET THEM DIGITS because you never know if a party might be capped and you may need a backup plan.

Know Your Neighborhoods

At NEU, some of the biggest party spots are on Mission Hill, Columbus Ave, and Commonwealth Ave. I would jot down some addresses if I were you.


Bars On Campus

You always try to text someone and they say “where are you” and you say “conors” or “our house” and they literally never know if you mean a bar or an actual person’s house or your actual house. So confusing.

Conor Larkins

Definitely a pregame spot, and always busy after class for cheap pitchers. Don’t try to get in if you have a fake because they’re strict. Make sure you do the shotski here before you graduate and bring a sharpie to write your name on the bathroom wall!

Our House East AKA Our House

Awesome spot for late night, after you go to the bars or parties. The line always gets long on the weekend at like 1 am because that’s when everyone goes (nobody ever goes before then). Karaoke from 10-midnight is always so trashy but fun. Always jam packed but always a good time. You will find girls crying in the bathroom here.


Bars On The Hill

Meh, if you’re going to go somewhere here might as well go to Fanieul or Seaport or downtown, but they are…


Irish bar. Definitely the most fun out of all of them, but still pretty meh, good for a chill night if you just want to drink with your friends. in the summer they open up the windows for brunch which is nice.

Puddingstone Tavern

Formerly known as the shitshow that was The Crossing, after it got shut down they turned it into Puddingstone. I only have ever seen old people here on the weekends so would recommend if you’re looking for a “grab a drink” or a casual date spot.


Mission Bar and Grill

Great beer menu, great drinks, pricier and definitely nicer, good to go here with the girls for a Friday night dinner and drinks, wouldn’t recommend for a turn up night.
Squealing Pig

Hit or a miss. They have live bands which can be fun, otherwise it usually gets forgotten about.


I would 10/10 recommend the Fenway bar scene. Landsdowne (always fun but super long line to get in on weekend nights) Lorretas (country bar live music is amazing) Cask (no cover) Baseball Tavern (cheap beer) Tony C’s formerly known as Jerry Remy’s (day drinking on their roof days of Sox games).


Also #FreshmanAdvice: Mission Hill is an ACTUAL HILL. Think twice before you wear those new heels!

Use a Buddy System…but seriously.

Let’s face the facts: Going out alone sucks and is pretty stupid.

Parties at NEU are usually pretty far from campus so ALWAYS TRAVEL WITH A BUDDY if you’re into the whole getting home safe thing.


It’s a fun way to hang out with a smaller group of people (and it ensures that you’ll have the balls to make up a name of a person that’s inside the party).

Plus, if the party’s #dry, you won’t be.

Get Yo’self a “Fracket”

Parties get messy. People get greedy. So, chances are, your cute new Zara jacket will probably go missing or get stolen. That is why you get yourself a FRAT-JACKET.

Go on down to a Goodwill and pick up a $0.50 Fracket that no one wants to steal and you won’t miss if lost.

See Also

Trust me, it’ll keep you warm on your drunken walk back home.

Play Games!

Read up on your classic Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Slap Cup, Kings, etc.

Not just because you’ll seem like you know your stuff—you’ll just have an all-around better time!


Uber in the winter!

Not sure if anyone’s let you in on this little secret yet but surprise!!! BOSTON IS COLD.

Uber is a LIFESAVER when not even a blizzard is gonna hold you back from a good time.

It’s worth the extra $2—trust me.


Bring your own toilet paper. A small pack of tissues is fine. The parties either hide the TP or just don’t use it (very likely). Either way, prepare yourself.

“Puke & Rally is an Art Form”

That is a direct quote from my friend, J. If you vom the night doesn’t have to be over. Just take another shot because alcohol kills germs. KIDDING. Please go home, clean up, and REST!

Have fun and stay safe y’all 😉

What are some other important things everyone should know about Northeastern’s party scene? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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