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Everything You Need to Know About Freshman Orientation at ESU

Everything You Need to Know About Freshman Orientation at ESU

Everything You Need to Know About Freshman Orientation at ESU

Are you excited for your first time being away from home in a completely college oriented setting? Are you pumped to get to know the ins and outs of your new home away home!? Keep reading to help you navigate freshman orientation at ESU and make the best of your time there!

1. Don’t bring that much stuff with you.

You’re only there for 2 days. There’s no need to bring 100 outfits and shoes. Be comfortable. It’s hot as all hell during that time so shorts and t-shirts with flip flops or sneakers will work best especially when you’re walking around campus all day. Wear clothes that you are going to feel comfortable in. You’ll be sitting through PowerPoint presentations, ice breakers, and campus tours all day. Orientation is your first introduction to everything you’ll need to know for the rest of your 4 years at ESU, so there won’t be any sense in worrying too much about what you’re wearing.

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2. But, do remember to bring these items:

Small notebook/pen

Papers will be provided for you as well as pencils but JUST IN CASE bring your own too.

Your phone

Your orientation leaders won’t let you use your phones during the presentations but during breaks you’ll want to check in with your family and friends back home.

Very small purse or drawstring backpack

Keep all your belongings in a drawstring bag, especially all the brochures you’ll get from each presentation


Phone charger

Try to invest in a portable charger so you don’t have to worry about your phone dying during one of your breaks, leaving you with nothing to do.


If you’re like me, I always bring a water bottle and a snack wherever I go, especially if I’m not sure when I’m going to eat next. It’s blazing hot out too so staying hydrated is so important. If not, you’ll be miserable all day.

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3. Focus on the information you’re given.

During orientation, all of the boring, logistical, annoying ice-breaker stuff occurs. While boring, it is helpful that you’ll already know all this stuff once the semester actually starts. Some of what you learn will be boring but most of it is really important. Make sure you actually listen and pay attention. You’ll find out numbers for departments you’ll need to know and a lot of other valuable information you won’t want to miss out on.

4. Participate in the cheesy ice breakers as much as you can.

You’ll know people so much better when you put yourself out there. Make sure that you’re hanging out with people during orientation that are at the same maturity level as you and are as into ESU as you are. Don’t skip out on any of the events or activities. Give yourself the chance to meet new people, participate, and enjoy new experiences.
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5. Try not to be a downer…

Go with the flow and step out of your comfort zone a little bit, if you have to. Don’t even think about it, just do it. Tell someone you like their outfit, their hair, something. Be friendly and be open. There’s no harm in that and you might find friends for next semester. Also, please make sure you don’t drink. The OL’s watch you all weekend and if they find out, they will freak.

What are some other tips for students preparing for freshman orientation at ESU? Comment below for our student readers and share this article with friends!
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